Monday, June 26, 2006

Family Road Trip, Part 2...

In case you didn't read the first part, scroll down an entry or two and read it first...

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, all three vehicles were attempting to leave Ocean Shores and proceed onward to dinner somewhere....

Well, it was a nice idea, anyway. Jessi and I had headed back to "downtown" Ocean Shores to look around at a few stores while waiting for my nieces and one of my sisters to finish their horseback ride, and we finally got the call that they were packing up and ready to leave...

...the beach, anyway. The older of my two sisters wanted to stop at this one store that sells fudge before we got going. This same store also sells overpriced t-shirts and sweatshirts (as well as other overpriced souveniers of Ocean Shores -- I think every business in Ocean Shores has to sell overpriced crap, like it's a law or something). She looked over the $35 shirts for a bit, and while she did that, my mom bought some fudge, too.

This place has a great racket going with the fudge. They'll give you a free sample (probably a smaller piece than most people would consider one bite), and then you can buy a quarter pound for $2.50 -- and if you buy a full pound, they'll throw in an extra quarter pound free!

Hmmm... that's 1.25 lbs. of fudge for $10.00. What kind of meat would you be willing to pay that much for? Personally, I get frustrated paying more than, say, $3 a pound for meat, unless it's a special occasion. And since I don't need the calories of fudge anyway, I passed on that (as I did on buying anything else there).

My brother, meanwhile, needed to use the bathroom, and discovered that none of the stores nearby (not even the Subway) would let anyone use the bathroom there -- you had to use the public restrooms nearer the beach.

Finally, people had bought what fudge they were going to buy, and we were ready to leave... not! You see, the younger of my sisters (who went on the horseback ride) is apparently very allergic to horses, and her eyes were looking very puffy -- so my mom ran to the local pharmacy to get something for her. Maybe it's just me, but if I knew I was highly allergic to a particular kind of animal, I think the last thing I would do is pay $25 an hour to ride on the darn thing!

So after that, we were off... about two blocks down the street to the local McDonald's (the only business that let people pee there) because the older of my sister's kids had to use the bathroom. Sheesh... so Jessi and I were waiting on the side of the road out of town, across from McD's, so we could see when they were ready to go. After about a 10-minute wait, my mom's van pulled onto the street... and right into the McD's, because my nephew had to use the bathroom, too!

You'd think everyone would figure it'd be a good idea to use the bathroom all at once, before we tried to leave, but noooooooooo!

At least once that was done, we finally hit the road to Hoquiam, where the younger of my sisters wanted to go to a place called "Duffy's" for dinner -- supposedly a family-style restaurant that wouldn't cost much to eat at.

Unfortunately, nobody -- and I mean nobody -- knew where it was. There were supposed to be two, one in Hoquiam, and one across the river in Aberdeen. Well, the Hoquiam one was long gone (or so we decided after we couldn't find it), and fortunately, the one in Aberdeen was on the road we were travelling on.

We had another wait at the restaurant, because, naturally, it's almost impossible to get a table for 12 at a moment's notice!

Dinner was... well... interesting. Jessi had a chicken sandwich and fries, I had a club sandwich and potato salad (it needed salt), and we both had Diet Pepsis. Our bill came to about $23 (seems high to me -- then again, their kids menu had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a drink for $4.79 -- yes, nearly five bucks for something that didn't require any cooking at all, and probably cost them $0.50 for ingredients!).

The nieces and my nephew ordered whatever they wanted -- one niece ordered "Super Nachos" for her dinner, which she couldn't even eat a quarter of... another one ordered a chicken strips dinner (my family doesn't eat anywhere unless they serve chicken strips), which apparently came with eight or nine chicken strips.

I think maybe one or two of the kids ate all their dinner, maybe.

Oh, the french fries were apparently deep-fried in the same oil they use for their fish -- because it tasted like fish! Yecch.

Finally, we were all finished, paid our bills, and hit the road for home. Since Jeff's car was at our house, we suggested that he should ride with us, so nobody would have to stop on the way... but we were told that the older of my sisters would probably appreciate him driving that far... so we took off, finally arriving home at about 9:35 pm.

Jaeger and Yoshi were stuck in their crates from 11:00 to about 9:40 that night. I'm amazed they didn't have an accident, but they held it in, although they were in a hurry to get outside!

It was about 40 minutes later that my mom's van pulled in the driveway to drop off Jeff. Yes, after all the fuss about my sister wanting him to drive, she decided she wanted to head straight home.

Why did it take my mom's van 40 minutes longer to get to our place? They made at least one other stop on the way. Plus probably a bathrooom break.

Next time my family wants to go to Ocean Shores, I think we'll just tell them to call our cell phones when they get there... and we'll just do what we want while we wait for them to arrive.


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  1. Glen Davis9:33 AM

    Sounds like a typical large trip to me. The more people that go on the trip, the harder and more frustrating the trip will be.


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