Monday, June 12, 2006

So.... It's Monday Night

Now, I know I've made a few posts today, and some of 'em actually had to do with the aforementioned topics I promised I'd try to talk some more about...

This post is about a refrigerator. As it happens, it's about our second refrigerator.

I'm sure that needs some explaining. The house Jessi and I rent, obviously, has a refrigerator. And given that it's just the two of us, one would think one fridge would be enough... but NOOOOOOOOOOO!

You see, we go through our beverages... especially when we have people over. Diet Mountain Dew, Diet Green Tea, bottled water, Diet Cola... plus some occasional other stuff.

So, we figured we could use a second fridge to keep in the garage that would be devoted to beverages, and only beverages (although I'd imagine the next time we're going to have a party here, or even before that, we'll use it for an "overflow" fridge).

Thanks to Freecycle, we now have that second fridge.

Not familiar with Freecycle? It's a demonstration of one of the best aspects of the internet... that of connecting people together for mutual benefit. Freecycle has local branches in just about every major (and not-so-major) city. I forget where the main site is... if it's or I'm sure you can Google it if you're interested.

Basically, the way Freecycle works is through a Yahoo group, or other kind of mailing list. People who have something they don't need, and want to give away, will post a message to the group, for example (as I posted earlier today), "Offered: Cookbooks," in which I listed a bunch of cookbooks I don't need. Anyone who's a member of the group who wants said item responds to the message, and those responses go directly to me, and not to the group. I choose who gets the stuff, let them know they're getting it (I always give it to the first to respond, by the way), and make arrangements for them to pick it up. I get no money for the item.

So, in short, it's free items being recycled to someone else... free + recycle = freecycle.

It's a pretty cool thing.

Now, Jessi got picked for this offered refrigerator, which still works (strangely a lot of people offer up stuff that's either broken or needs some kind of repairs -- and even stranger, people want them!). Unfortunately, neither Jessi or I drive or own a truck, so we had to make arrangements. Fortunately, we know a lot of people who have trucks.

First we went to our friend Dan, but his truck has a canopy on it, which is nearly impossible to remove, and since refrigerators need to be transported upright, we had to go to someone else. Then, Jessi's friend Tifney came through for us tonight, and we headed over to Tumwater to meet them and get the refrigerator.

This fridge had been stored outside, unplugged, for a while... and I don't think it had been cleaned recently, either. So it was... well... dirty and stinky.

What Jessi doesn't know is that after she went to sleep tonight, I went out to the garage, pulled out all the shelves and such that could be removed, and washed them all, as well as cleaned the inside and outside of the refrigerator (I also adjusted the settings as well).

It should be a nice surprise for her tomorrow when she gets home from work, especially since I made a big joke about when *she* cleans it up.

Anyway... freecycle is a great deal, and you should definitely look into it in your own area!


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