Saturday, June 10, 2006

This 'n That

Got a few things to catch both of my faithful readers up on (you know, one of these days, I really ought to do something about figuring out how many people do actually read this blog -- or do I really want to know?)...

Movie Watching

So, today I finished watching the 1960s Steve Reeves Hercules movie... I'd recorded it on the DVR, and have been watching it piece by piece over the past few days.

You know what? It wasn't a bad movie, really... in case you haven't seen it, it's kind of a mash-up of the start of the 12 Labors of Hercules with Jason and the Argonauts, and a bit of other stuff thrown in there. Now, certainly, this won't make me forget Harryhausen's version of Jason by any means -- after all, this was a pretty low-budget movie -- but it was still fun to watch.

The biggest cheese factor was this dragon that Jason had to fight to get the Golden Fleece... what could've been a major battle lasted just a few minutes, as the actor playing Jason runs around and dodges the dragon (a guy in a rubber suit, like Godzilla -- in fact, the beast's roar seems to have some of Godzilla's roar incorporated into it) until he picks up a handy spear and throws it through the roof of the dragon's mouth, and through the top of the head!

Anyway... it was fun to watch.

Children's Books

This'll be an oddball entry... I've had a few ideas for children's books lately (perhaps it's because Jessi and I have been talking about having kids soon), and I actually wrote up a first draft for one, called Andy the Ant Gets Lost. The problem is, my drawing style is entirely wrong for this kind of thing (not that my regular drawing style is very great shakes to begin with)... I've got kind of an idea in my head what I want Andy to look like, but I can't get anywhere with sketching it out to my satisfaction.

One thought I did have was doing the artwork for it as construction paper cut-outs... and perhaps I can get Jessi to help me with that concept. It could be a challenge!

The other idea I have is for a story about "The Nudder Cow" -- a little girl we know was looking through an ABC book, and under "C", she saw a picture of a brown and white cow, and asked what it was. Of course, I told her it was a cow. Later on in the book, under "M," there was a picture of the Moon, with a black-and-white cow jumping over it. She asked me what that was, and I said it was "another cow" -- which she interpreted as meaning "a nudder cow" -- so all black-and-white cows to her are "Nudder Cows," and since then, her favorite cuddly toy when she goes to sleep at night is a stuffed black-and-white cow she calls "Nudder Cow." I've got the germ of an idea in my head as to how I could write a children's book about the Nudder Cow... well, more than a germ, actually... but again, my art style is entirely wrong for this, too!

Anyone have any ideas how to find a person who'd be good at illustrating a children's book? I figured the thing to do would be to try the story out on some small children, and get their reaction to it, and then either try to find a publisher, or even publish the darn things myself, if need be!

Busy, Busy, Busy...

It's beginning to look like Jessi and I are going to be ridiculously busy every weekend from now through the 15th of July -- which is, of course, when the wedding is. Today, for example, I had to go in to work for about four hours, and then after that, we met some friends at the house briefly before going to a different friend's place where we were supposed to be helping her move in to her new place (by the time we got there, the moving had been done already).

Tomorrow is my sister Debi's 40th birthday, and I think we have something to do before we head off to that!

Monday I have a scheduled vacation day... but it looks like I'll have to do some yard work then (unless I can fit it in Sunday before leaving for the party), and Krypto needs to be brought in to the vet for his next shot!

Next weekend? Jessi has her wedding shower on Saturday (I'm having my brother and my friend Dan and his son Anders over for pizza and old monster/sf movies, and maybe some cartoons), and then on Sunday, we'll have to get her ready for a little trip of a few days in length, a training session she'll be away for from Sunday night until Wednesday night, too far away for me to consider stopping by after work.

The weekend after that is my niece's birthday, and apparently we're going out to the ocean... and I'm sure there's something else going on that weekend, too!

The weekend after that (the weekend before the wedding, unless I miss my guess) doesn't have anything planned so far, but I'm sure it'll be busy...

And sometime between now and the wedding we have to get the rest of my outfit, get the music put together for the reception, and come up with a CD player to play the music on!


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  1. Anonymous4:57 AM

    If you're planning to submit to publishers, you don't want to get the book illustrated first -- the publisher will take care of that when/if they sign your book up. Check out (not my site) for tons of helpful tips about writing and publishing for children.


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