Saturday, June 17, 2006

When I'm Wrong, I'm Wrong....

...and it appears I'm very wrong in my assumption that a children's book would need to be submitted with artwork... as has been confirmed by a children's book editor who happens to read this blog (apparently, more people read this than I realized!).

Actually, what they said, I believe, was it's good to submit both with just the text and with the artwork, so that'll be my plan when the two stories are shaped up enough to submit. I'll be working more on the second story idea over the next few days.

Other Stuff:

I see by checking the World Famous Comics website that next week's edition of "Cover Stories" will be the next installment of "Comics They Never Made" -- which will be the first of the "Drive-In Movie Classics" installments I've mentioned here before. Anyway, if you want to check out the current installment, you can do so by clicking this link -- or better yet, click the link by whatever method you need to do to have it open in a new window, so you can read the rest of this post first!

Did I mention I've got some last-chance eBay listings up? Well, I do... they're right here, and the prices have been reduced. As of this writing, there are 10 books left for sale, all below half cover price (well, except for the Marvel Comics #1 reprint, anyway).

The next few days should be... interesting. But let me fill you in on some other stuff first!

The week at work ended better than it was looking like it would... we had a server issue occur at 4:15 Friday afternoon that had us all worried... but about 5 it was reconnected to us, and fortunately, nothing we'd done was lost (whew!).

Today (Saturday, as I write this), Jessi and I went to Weight Watchers, and then rushed home to have breakfast before my brother, Jeff, and his wife, Kristi, came over. The four of us went to "Super Saturday" at Evergreen State College, which occurs every year the day after graduation. It's kind of a hippie festival, with lots of booths of people selling stuff -- some of it stuff they made, some of it stuff they're simply reselling -- as well as lots and lots of food.

Honestly, I don't find it all that interesting... they have bands playing there, too, but unfortunately, we couldn't stay for the Beatles tribute band that played later in the day. And the music that was playing while we were there wasn't my cup of tea.

After that, we went back to our house and popped some popcorn to snack on, and then Jessi and Kristi went off to Jessi's bridal shower, while Jeff and I hung out here, had some Papa Murphy's Thin Crust Delite pizza, and watched all the Fleischer Superman cartoons, plus a few episodes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Jessi came back with all sorts of presents, including a new microwave oven!

After that, we watched a House episode and a Monk episode between Jessi getting ready for her trip. Yes, Jessi's going away for a few days, starting Sunday at 3:00. It's a work thing, a three-day training event that will take her away from me until Wednesday night. I'm kind of bummed out over this -- we haven't spent a night apart since we moved in together -- but I'd imagine we'll both deal with it. Who knows, maybe it'll do us some good???

Aside from all this, the vegetable garden is doing well (we're starting to get some peas growing, although I haven't seen anything developing on the tomato plants yet). We'd been plagued with slugs recently, and to avoid this, we tried the beer-in-the-pie-tin trick. Guess what? It works! Earlier today, I extracted about a dozen slug corpses from the tins and disposed of them (a secondary function of the poop scooper!). We'll see if any more take the bait overnight tonight.

Let's see... anything else to report? While Jessi is away, I'll be working on that second children's book idea, and I may even play some Roller Coaster Tycoon. Aside from that, there's a few items on the DVR I'm hoping to get watched, and I'm also going to try to keep the house neat and clean while she's gone (wish me luck on that, okay).


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