Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Real Ghostbusters (the animated series)

As I said in my previous post, there was an animated Ghostbusters series... which at least one reader of this blog has never seen before!

So, here's some links to order DVDs of the animated series:

These DVDs apparently have three episodes each... I can't really tell you much more about 'em that you can't find out by clicking on the links!

Oh, and here's a link to a two-fer of the movies:

While I'm talking about Ghostbusters... did you know the Ackroyd/Murray/Reitman movie wasn't the first Ghostbusters? Way back in 1975, Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch (and co-star Bob Burns as Tracy the gorilla) were the stars of a half-hour live-action show produced by Filmation that originally aired on CBS.

I believe that Larry Storch's character was Spencer, and Forrest Tucker's character was named Kong. Tracy the gorilla wore a beanie, and was probably the smartest of the trio. They'd receive their orders from a mysterious boss, and have to go out and defeat the ghosts of various monsters. It was played for laughs, and probably only lasted one season or so... and unfortunately, it's not available on DVD (although there were some video tape releases that you may be able to track down somehow).

Interestingly enough, it seems that Filmation may have been responsible for the Real Ghostbusters animated series even being produced! After the success of the Ghostbusters movie, someone reminded Lou Scheimer that Filmation had done a Ghost Busters TV series a long time ago, and so it was decided to create an animated series based on their live-action show... which was known as "Filmation's Ghost Busters"! This would be why the animated spin-off (which hit the air at the same time) was called "The Real Ghostbusters."

Both animated series played simultaneously, although the Filmation animated series (which featured the sons of the Spencer and Kong characters) was only syndicated.

While I'm talking about animated Ghostbusters, I should also point out that the syndicated and network versions of The Real Ghostbusters were slightly different, if I recall correctly! Well, at least one of the character's voices were different from the network and syndicated versions of the show (unfortunately, the Internet Movie Database doesn't confirm that for me -- nor do any web pages I can find, so maybe my memory is playing tricks on me -- or perhaps while new episodes were airing on ABC, reruns of previous episodes were running in syndication. I do see that there were cast changes in the third season).

Anyway... that's all for tonight!



  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Yo. All the info is pretty much on Wikipedia and elsewhere, but I'll sum it up:

    "Real Ghostbusters" premiered on ABC as a 13-episode package in fall 1986. The following year, a two-tiered second season began, with one prong being a 65-episode syndicated package, and the other being another ABC package of 13 more episodes, bringing the series up to 91 half-hours in just two years.

    The 1986 ABC package of 13 and the 65 syndicated episodes all were done with the original voices (and original story editor, who gave the show a decidedly more multilayered tone than most kids' shows had back then). But the second ABC season was the first one to have the new voices and new writing style. This would have made it a bit confusing since the syndicated season, with the old voices, was running on weekdays parallel to the new ABC ones.

    (And although I've never seen anyone point this out, it's confusing to me that the syndicated ones all bear a copyright date of 1986, not 1987. If all those websites are correct that they first started airing in '87, apparantly that whole package was held back a year, for whatever reason.)

    Hope this explains everything.

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    And incidentally, on all three of those DVDs you link to above, the first three episodes on each disk are from the syndicated group, while the fourth is from the first ABC season. Not sure if this was done deliberately or if it's just a coincidence.


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