Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So, What's Going On Lately? (i.e., it's This 'n That Time Again!)

The House-Hunting:

So, we took a look at two different places to rent today... one of which is represented by the same people we're renting this place from, and one represented by its owners.

The first one is a cottage-style home, only two bedrooms and a small fenced yard with a deck. It would work for us if necessary... it's cheaper than this place, and we'd have to put a lot of stuff into storage, but we could make it work if we had to. It won't be available until September 1st, though.

The second one we like much, much better -- it's a duplex (like the place we looked at the other day), but it's at least a few hundred square feet larger than this house, which means the kitchen is bigger (with even more cupboards and drawers, which I love), and the bedrooms are larger overall (including what would be my office, and I also love that -- this one is a bit small!).

The only problem with the second place? There's several people who have looked at it, and we may not know until Monday if we'll get it or not. We're going to follow up with the owners on Friday, just to see what's going on.

We're also figuring that if we don't have definite word on Friday, we'll pick up the paper this weekend to look at new house rental listings.

In the meantime, we're starting our preparations to move... I spent most of the day today (when we weren't looking at houses or while I wasn't watching this week's Red Dwarf reruns from PBS, or the first half or so of Battle For The Planet of the Apes) packing up stuff in my off I won't need. That packing is nearly complete -- I think there's only another two or three boxes left to pack.

Next up, Jessi's extra room, which is used mostly for storage of kids' stuff that we keep on hand for when friends are over. That may not take that long to do, and that'll probably all be done tomorrow, after which I can start packing up the second bathroom stuff (pretty much everything in it but TP), and some stuff in the living room (mostly video tapes and DVDs).

All these boxes are being stored in the garage for now... in convenient-sized boxes that once we have the keys to our next place, we can start loading up our cars and running things over.

Current Reading:

So my latest re-reading is the TPB of AVENGERS FOREVER... Kurt Busiek's brilliant maxi-series of about five years ago or so (geez, has it really been that long?). This miniseries gives me hope for Hawkeye eventually being brought back to life in Marvel comics (for all I know, he's already been resurrected -- the only Marvel book I pick up these days is the occasional Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius one-shot), given that the Avengers members from the future don't make any comment upon seeing Hawkeye in there about him being dead in their time.

Prior to that, I'd been re-reading the issues of Marvel Knights: 4 and Fantastic Four that I had purchased before I cut way, way back on my comics buying.

Once I finish reading AF, I'll likely not be doing much reading at all until after we've moved to wherever we'll end up moving to, as everything else is already packed up.

Any Other News?

Nope. Enjoy the new template I'm using!



  1. Glen Davis1:03 PM

    Good luck with your move.

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