Monday, August 14, 2006

This 'n That (Delayed Weekend Wrap-Up Edition)

So, it's Monday night... time to play some catch-up!

The Camping Trip:

So, as I said in my last entry, Saturday morning, Jessi and I (with the dogs) left on an overnight camping trip... my first since about 1983 or 1984, and Jessi's first ever. We went with a couple we know, Tifney and Mark, who gave us a tent and two extra-long sleeping bags as a wedding present.

Our destination was Port Townsend, Washington, up on the eastern tip of the Olympic Peninsula. What I didn't realize until we were halfway up there is that I'd been there before... on a camping trip, no less... for one of the things we were going to do while there was to visit Fort Worden State Park, which has these old army bunkers from World War I or so that you could wander through.

I'd been there twice before, but never connected in my head Port Townsend with it... Fort Worden was always the destination.

Anyway, I was concerned about getting a camp site leaving on a Saturday (previous camping trips always started on a Friday, usually with someone getting there early to secure a spot), and my concern got even greater when we got into Port Townsend and found that this was the weekend of the Jefferson County Fair -- Mark's original idea had been that we would camp at the fairgrounds. We ended up going to Old Port Townsend State Park, where we did find a campsite available, and got the tents set up.

After that, we headed for Fort Worden, where we took the dogs on a very long walk up to the bunkers, had lunch looking over the water, and then went to the beach for the rest of the afternoon and to have dinner. Jessi and Tifney went on the lighthouse tour while Mark and I watched the dogs. That evening, we went into Port Townsend so Mark could do a bit of fishing while the women and I walked up and down the main street, looking at interesting stores that were mostly closed. Oh, we also had Brian, who's married to Tifney's daughter, along for the day, although he went back home Saturday night.

Sleeping in the tent was an interesting experience... we did have an air mattress, so that was comfortable enough... but we decided to put the mattress against one wall of the tent -- I think we should've centered it, because during the night, the dogs got on the mattress on Jessi's side (I was against the wall) and pushed her towards me. But still, we slept fine, and Sunday morning, after breakfast, we packed up, and made a few other stops along the way home.

Overall, an enjoyable trip... but I can't help but think we could've had a bit more relaxing time just sticking around the campground for the most part. There were lots of walking trails we didn't have time to explore, for example. But so it goes, and we can always make a return trip there someday!

The House-Hunting Saga Continues:

As I said in a previous post, we're looking for a new place to live, because the house we're renting is going to be put up for sale. Jessi and I were wondering about the possibilities of buying a house -- maybe even this one -- but it seems that in another year, we'll be in a much better position to do so, so we are looking to rent a different place.

We were supposed to look at one place today -- a much smaller place, but much, much cheaper -- but the rental agent didn't bring the right keys with him. This was a little duplex, with only two bedrooms, and no garage or storage space to speak of. This was one of two places the rental management company who's managing the place we rent (as well as the place I had by myself before Jessi and I moved in together). The second one, which we're supposed to be looking at Tuesday around 3, is basically a cottage-style home, again with two bedrooms and no storage that we're aware of, but unlike the duplex, it has a small fenced backyard, so we could let the dogs out to do their business.

Those were what the people we're dealing with could find for us.

But what we've found ourselves seems much nicer. Like our current place, it's a three-bedroom house with a garage, as well as a fenced back yard. Unlike our current place, it has about 400 more square feet or so... and maybe has a den (we're not 100% sure, to be honest). We'll be looking at that place Tuesday at 4. It's currently being cleaned up, because the previous tenants left it pretty trashed, and the owner is apparently really wanting to get some decent tenants into it sometime.

We, of course, are very decent tenants. We did explain our situation to him, and how we would have a hard time coming up with deposits as well as first and last month's rent (the first month's rent isn't a problem), and he said we shouldn't let that stop us from applying. We did drive by that place earlier today, but couldn't see much of the inside, naturally, but we are leaning more towards that house -- bigger, $100 less a month than our current place, and it's got much more shade to it, so next summer would be cooler!

So, we'll see how that goes!

Latest Arrivals in the Mail:

Today saw the arrival of the latest two Twomorrows mags in my mail, Back Issue (a super-heroine special) as well as Write Now! I'm about 3/4 of the way through the Back Issue, and it's a crackling good read! Michael Eury, the editor of that mag, does a bang-up job of it!


So, I'm on vacation this week, so I should be able to post at least once a day... but we'll likely need to start preparatory packing soon, so things could get sparse around here... but I'll try to keep you posted as to what's happening!


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