Sunday, August 06, 2006

This 'N That -- Weekend Wrapup Edition!

Time to play catch-up!

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Breaking in the Barbeque

I think I mentioned that last weekend, Jessi and I bought a gas barbeque grill... and this weekend, we broke it in... starting on Friday, when my parents came down for burgers (side dishes were potato salad, macaroni salad, and baked beans). I bought plenty of all those foods, as Saturday, we were hosting Jessi's "adopted" family.

So, the Friday BBQ went very well -- my parents were very impressed with the grill (mom said it was nicer than hers) -- and I cleaned it dutifully after we were done.

Tiring Out the Dogs

So, as I said a few paragraphs back, we were hosting my "in-laws" for dinner Saturday night, and since we were having at least eight people over, we figured the dogs needed to be good and tired, so they'd stay calm. So, in addition to the usual 9 am walk, after lunch, we took them for a run.

Well, they ran... we biked! We've been working on traning them to run alongside the bikes (still on leash, mind you), and Saturday was the first time we tried it with both of them at the same time, while there were plenty of people around. The dogs performed very admirably, although I don't think we'll be increasing the length of the ride too much beyond three miles!

Saturday Night Barbeque

In addition to the items from Friday night's dinner, we decided to add corn on the cob to the menu, as well as a low-calorie strawberry shortcake dessert. Things were well and organized, and we even were prepared for the two extra people we weren't originally expecting (a cousin and a girlfriend).

Now, one thing I did take into account was that we didn't have a large enough pot to cook 10 ears of corn at once... but I did have these large disposable roasting pans, large enough to put one over two burners on the stove, so I started the corn cooking there, and once it was getting close to being done, that's when I put the burgers on the grill.

One problem with that, though -- I didn't take into account that when I put 16 frozen burger patties on the grill, the temperature would drop down, and it would take much longer to cook the burgers than when I cooked four burgers on Friday. So the corn on the cob was a little mushy by the time the burgers were done. However, all the food was well-received (especially dessert). So that was a pretty minor thing.

Entertainment-wise, we had several episodes of both versions of "Whose Line is it Anyway?" on the DVR, and everyone enjoyed watching those.

Now, so far as the guests go... well, let's just say that one of the guests has given us second thoughts about ever inviting him and his family over again for anything. (I figure it's got to be safe to post about this, because I don't think any of them even are aware of my blog -- plus I think the person I'm writing about only uses the net to sell stuff on eBay that we're not 100% certain he originally acquired legally, but I digress)

What did he do? Well, he disregarded anything we had to tell him concerning our pets. First he started roughhousing with the dogs (even after we'd told him how we tired them out so they'd stay calm). As a result, both KO and Krypto were getting hyper, and KO actually nipped at someone because she had been put in a "high alert" mode. We ended up putting them to bed for a bit to calm them down.

After that, he asked us about our bird, Micky. Now, Micky is not a social bird -- he's happy if you whistle or talk to him, but he absolutely will not let you put your hands near him. He bites. And both of us told our "guest" this -- and he insisted on reaching into the cage to try to grab him.

Oh, there was one other thing that he did that annoyed me, but Jessi's not aware of. When the burgers were nearly done, I asked Jessi to find out how many people wanted cheese melted on their burgers. She came up with nine people, and so I put cheese on 10 of the burgers to melt.

Well... this butt-head, one of the last to dish up (as the cook, I always dish up last) grabs both of the burgers with cheese melted on them... leaving me -- you know, the guy who not only cooked all the food and paid for it -- to put a cold slice of cheese on my own burger, and hoping it would still be hot enough to melt the cheese.

Oh, wait... there was one other thing, which should've tipped us off that this wasn't going to go well for us. When we invited them over, and they asked us what they could bring, we said they should just bring what they wanted to drink.

Now, Jessi's "parents" did bring the beer they wanted to drink. But nobody else brought anything except their appetites.

Why the heck did we even try to get people to bring what they wanted to drink? The hell if I know... because every single freakin' time we've invited people over and told them they only needed to bring what they wanted to drink, they very rarely do. This has caused our drink supplies to be rapidly diminished, and you know, we are on a budget, right?

So... this family is basically banned from coming over to our place for meals again... and if we invite anyone else for dinner -- or especially a barbeque -- we're doing it potluck.

Sunday Went Better...

Nobody came over at all, we finally put up the arbor in the back yard, and we took the dogs for a leashed and off-leashed walk. and watched a lot of episodes of "The Dog Whisperer".

Coming Distractions

Next weekend, Jessi and I are supposed to be going camping... and the week aftewards, I've got the entire week off! Woo-hoo!

That's all for now!



  1. ...and THEN what happened?

  2. Jon,

    Fromt now on, instead of telling them to bring what they want to drink, tell them Please bring a 2 ltr of diet soda (per person) or bring a 12 pack of sugar free iced tea. Tell them specifically what drinks you would ordinarily have on hand. That way, they know they must bring the drinks or there might not be anything to drink. Instead of making it optional, you make a request. Helps me when I have a posse of people over. Oh and the family who can not listen abour the pets and stuff? I have a similar problem with my neices. They do not listen, nor do they respect my bedroom area. So they do not come over anymore.

    Have a good one!



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