Friday, September 29, 2006

Charlton Spotlight...

The current issue of this mag (which took a long time to come out -- about a year, if I'm not mistaken) arrived in my mailbox today... and I'm in there a couple of times!

First of all, there's the lead article, the Joe Gill interview, which was my pleasure to transcribe (it's been my only print transcription job for over a year). And then, later on in the mag, there's a plug and a few links for the Comics They Never Made installments of Drive-In Movie Classics (which, of course, you've already seen by following the links as I've provided them, right?). And then there's my letter about the last issue... and finally, he printed the cover of the first "issue" of Drive-In Movie Classics!

Oh, yes, and I'm listed amongst the contributors on the table of contents.

This is a great magazine, and I only wish it came out way more often! If you have any interest in Charlton Comics at all, you should get this mag! You can order it from the website.


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