Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday Night Blogging...

My Newest Website!

So, I decided to create a new webpage devoted to my "Comics They Never Made" covers, most of which I first posted on the DC History list, and all of which have been posted about once a month to my "Cover Stories" column at WF Comics. There's only a placeholder page on the site now, but hopefully in the next two weeks or so, I'll have more content up there -- such as actual covers with their accompanying text!

So, why am I doing this, even though webmaster Justin at WF Comics archives each and every Cover Stories column? Well, primarily because I felt it would be appropriate to have a separate website just for these for any fans who don't want to slog through all those archives to find the Comics They Never Made Covers... well, okay, honestly it's mostly because the covers were featured in a reduced size on WF Comics, and I wanted 'em shown in all their glory.

Be advised in advance... wherever it's appropriate, I will likely have lots of Amazon.com links with each of the covers, in a desperate attempt to generate some kind of income from it!

House Rocks!

Saw this week's House episode "live" (as opposed to watching a recording on the DVR) -- House is the only show we do that with all the time (although that's usually the case with the Biggest Loser).

Over at the Polite Dissent website, they review each episode, and point out what medical errors they make... so you can go there if you want to check that out.

Me? I love the show mostly for the characters. This week, I especially enjoyed the part where House is quoting lines from Casablanca (I laughed out loud -- fortunately, I'd shown Jessi Casablanca a few months back, so she recognized the lines were familiar, although I did have to tell her where they were from).

Anyway... that's about all for tonight!


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