Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wednesday Morning Update

Wow, been a few days since I last posted, eh? What will I talk about (quickly)?

Why Windows PCs Annoy Me

Among other things (I could go on and on), it's how frustrating it can be to update things. Lemme 'splain... a while back, I acquired a few used PCs for free, hoping that I could cobble together something which I could use to play Roller Coaster Tycoon again (the only video game I really enjoy, and one that doesn't have a Mac version, sadly). Well, of the three I got, I found which one was the best, and started working with it... it was loaded with Windows 95, and so I upgraded it to Windows 98... which all worked fine, until I tried to set the colors and resolution to something appropriate for RCT... and found that the graphics card driver was lost, and so I was limited to 16 colors, and very low resolution.

Trying to find a driver for the graphics card has proven impossible, and it's not helped that the PC was made by a Korean company that no longer maintains an English-language website (plus, I haven't been able to get into the guts of the thing to see specifics on the graphics/video card anyway). My brother Jeff may have an old video card he'll give me this weekend, but of course that just means I'll have to continue disassembling the thing to have access to where that card is, and hope that it'll all work!


I've spent several nights working on this thing, and still haven't actually played the game at all!

House Premieres!

Long-time readers of this blog know that Jessi and I are big fans of House on Fox. The season premiered last night (thank goodness, since the shows that were new during the summer are all over with new eps until December or January), and it was a most enjoyable episode! The status quo has been changed forever... or has it? House went through a treatment that's left him with full usage of his leg, but he's still experiencing some occasional pain... and is back to using Vicodin again (given that he stole a prescription pad from his buddy, and the previews for next week show him taking some). I do hope this all isn't just further delusions carrying over from the season closer!

Oh, and Cameron's got a new hairstyle, which I like (although Jessi doesn't care for her bangs).

Car Insurance is a Huge Scam

My biggest monthly expense regarding my car is insurance. The car was paid off years ago, and gas isn't really that much... well, okay, it's still expensive, but at least when I put gas in my car, I know it'll make it go until I have to fill it up again.

Insurance? When I pay my monthly premium of $XX.XX, I don't actually receive anything but a promise. I pay rent, I get a place to live for another month. I don't get anything beyond that month I paid rent for, but I do get a roof over my head (among other things). Car insurance is just a promise from the insurance company that if something happens (and mind you, I have a perfect driving record), they'll pay for it... and then raise my rates some more if it's determined it's my fault. Of course, insurance is mandatory by law, and I suspect the insurance companies take advantage of that to charge higher rates than they might otherwise be able to get away with.

I still think it's a big scam, though.

Cover Stories

Was working on some new columns... including the next installment of "Comics They Never Made" featuring the ficticious Charlton title, "Drive-In Movie Classics" (I really need to finish that installment soon, like tonight). The wonderful fanzine (well, it's really more of a prozine) Charlton Spotlight will be featuring one of the covers that's already been posted in its next issue, along with the links to the first and second installments over at World Famous Comics, so perhaps there'll be a few new readers of that column in the coming months... and since each column ends with a link to this blog, I may get a few more readers! Woo-hoo!

Work Stuff

Busy at work these days... as has been the case lately! This week, as I've said before, I'm covering the Ad Services position from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., after which I'm free to actually build and design ads. Well, if there's stuff that needs catching up on during that 9-5 shift, I help out there as well. But it's still a busy week, and since Monday was a holiday, I won't get paid overtime for an hours over 8 I work each day (since I only get overtime for working more than 40 hours in a week).

Today is my first attendance at the Employee Advisory Committee... and we'll see how that goes!

Dog Stuff

The dogs are going to Doggie Daycare today... not because we necessarily wanted them to, but because our friend Kathy is taking her boxer, Jaeger, there today, and she offered to pay for us if we brought ours over, as well (to ensure he'll have some friends there). So I'll be leaving for work a little early (like I had to do yesterday, too, although that was to drop off cardboard recycling on the other side of Lacey, since there's no public cardboard recycling bins nearby, so far as I've been able to tell).

Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks! (for now, anyway)


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  1. Jon,
    Go to and get a copy of Belarc Advisor. It's the bees' knees for listing what you've got installed in your PC.
    Hope this helps!


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