Monday, October 02, 2006

First October 2006 Post!

Wow... it's been a few days since my last post, hasn't it?

Current Re-Reading:

Over the weekend, I finished re-reading Roger Stern's novelization of The Death and Life of Superman, and started re-reading Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 3 (the last volume of that I have).

And I've got to tell you... Volume 3 is where the issues are reprinted that really show that Fantastic Four was the World's Greatest Comics Magazine! I mean, the introduction of the Frightful Four, Galactus, the Inhumans, the wedding of Reed & Sue, the return (and subsequent death) of the Original Human Torch, the Negative Zone... the concepts were flying hard and fast!

Funny thing about the Negative Zone... that phrase was first used to describe the dome that Maximus the Mad used to trap the Inhumans in Attilan, separating Johnny Storm from Crystal, who he had fallen in love with at first sight (and causing him to immediately forget Dorrie Evans, who had been his steady date for nearly the entire run of FF to that point)... and yet, while that whole Inhumans subplot was going on, Reed began his exploration of Sub-Space (part of which incorporated the classic "This Man, This Monster!" story)... and somehow, once Maximus' Negative Zone was shattered (thanks to Black Bolt's scream), somewhere along the line after that, sub-space was redubbed the Negative Zone, a name which persists to this day!

I wonder if anyone ever asked Stan Lee how this happened... no doubt it was due to Stan's faulty memory.

Cover Stories This Week:

It's another edition of Comics They Never Made at Cover Stories! Of course, you already have that bookmarked and check it every Sunday, don't you?

That edition is number 73... and I've written through 81. I've also written number 105, but not the ones in-between.

How did that happen? Well, I was starting to write what would've been installment 77, which was to be "Comics They Never Made", but instead of doing Drive-In Movie Classics again, I was going to feature new covers, never before seen... Captain Kangaroo and one other (I forget the other one right now). Unfortunately, I hadn't written a thing about either of those before, and especially in the case of the good Captain, I couldn't remember enough about the tv show to cobble up a concept on what the comic would be like! So I was going to do Drive-In Movie Classics again, and went to my main folder to pull the next four covers out to write about them... and then I wrote the text for that... and discovered that I'd already pulled other covers before the newest four for future columns already!

So what I originally wrote as 77 became 105. But hey, I only have to write another 13 columns to fill in that gap, right?

TV Watching

I enjoyed this weekend's episode of "Legion of Super-Heroes", but I'm pretty much already out-of-date on some other shows, like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Heroes and Vanished (which aired earlier tonight, but were recorded for us to watch later), and Cold Case (which aired on Sunday, but we haven't watched it yet -- we were watching Grease on ABC Family Channel instead when that was airing).

That's all for tonight! I'll try to post more tomorrow.


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