Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More Incredible Internet Guide... searching!

So... we're up to Special Galleries, which the book describes as "devoted to images of a particular topic or creator..."

The first site, AdamWarren.com, is gone, history, kaput. The Alpha Flight Coloring Book is likewise gone from Geocities. So is the ASCII X-Men art page. The Ballistic Swimsuit Special Page never loaded. The BatGallery is gone, as is the host site. Batman Pictures is also gone. The ChrisBachalo.com gallery is history. The Dawn Gallery is gone, as is Freakygirlz.com.

What was formerly the Daily Bugle Photo Lab is now The Avengers Cover Gallery.

If you're a fan of Death and Sandman from the Vertigo line, you might want to check out Death & Sandman Images (wow, two sites in a row that still work!).

The Frank Miller Gallery, however, is long gone (you'd think the writer of this book would realize that any site that was on a .edu site would only be there as long as that person was a student at that college).

The Gen13 & Witchblade Gallery is still up.

Then there's a batch of sites that were at Images Central, which appears to be long gone: Backlash, Code-Name Strykeforce, Cyberforce, Stormwatch, Wetworks, WildCATs, Wildcore...

The Images Unplugged site is gone. So, sadly, is the Jerry Ordway Web Gallery and the whole of shazam.imginc.com. Also gone is the Lady Pendragon Gallery, MadKomix Superhero Art Gallery, Marvel Comics Sample Card Image Gallery, and Marvel Posters sites. As well as the Overpower Scans Page.

The Pictures of Donna Troy page is still there -- wasn't that already listed in this book?

But the Pure Excitement Comics' Gallery of Golden Age Heroes page is gone, as well as Rick's Pics.

The Savage Dragon Gallery isn't at the link listed in the book... you'll have to go to the main page and click "Sketchbook" to get to it.

The PhoeniX Custom Marvel Airbrushed T-Shirts site is gone... possibly taken down by Marvel's attorneys! The Unofficial Comics Database isn't what it used to be... the Unofifical Teen Titans Homepage is gone... The Witchblade Pics site is one of those .edu sites, so I won't even check it out... and the Woulter's Spawn Gallery is also gone.


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  1. Jon,
    When Yahoo shut down Geocities, the Donna Troy page disappeared but there's an archive here: http://www.oocities.org/area51/nebula/3515/pictures.htm
    Hope this helps!


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