Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The New E-Man Comic!

So, you may recall a while back I alluded to being contacted about previewing the new E-Man comic book that's coming out from Digital Webbing. I just got word from Randy Buccini, who contacted me about it, that the book will be arriving in stores on October 18 (in about two weeks, as I'm writing this!).


Part of the deal in reading the preview was to write a letter that could be included in that first issue, which might be published in the comic itself. Here's what I wrote:

I just finished reading the preview you so generously provided to me, and I've got to say... I LOVED it!

E-Man's been missing from the newsstands for way too long, and it's good to know he (along with Nova, Michael Mauser, and Teddy Q) will be reappearing soon. I've missed all of the gang! It was a pleasure to read a new adventure of the energy man from the stars and his friends!

So, let me get down to the brass tacks, starting with the art: Joe Staton is still at the top of his game -- heck, he's even better now than he was last time he did an E-Man tole! Nova is still the sexiest woman in comics, Mauser is still the scuzziest man in comics... it's all good! The story flowed very naturally, and the storytelling was top-notch.

So far as the story itself goes... I should've guessed who would be behind the latest plot against E-Man and Nova! As Nova said, it always seems to get back to him sooner or later (I'm being canny about mentioning his name in case this letter is published, and someone picks the book up from the rack and reads the letter column first -- I wouldn't want to spoil it for them!).

The humor in the tale was perfectly balanced with action, as I've come to expect from Nick Cuti at his best (as much as I enjoyed the First Comics E-Man stories, I felt sometimes Nick tried to put too much humor into each issue... this definitely felt much more natural). I especially liked the names "Seymour Cleary" and "Sara Bellum" -- then again, the latter's name was also used in "Powerpuff Girls," and I'm sure many times before that... it's a good pun name!

Thanks again for letting me preview this book... I look forward to buying it when it hits the stores, and hope it'll be the first of many new E-Man tales to come!

Yep, as you can tell, I definitely liked it! Then again, perhaps it's because I'm such a huge fan of E-Man, Joe Staton and Nick Cuti that I would've been happy with anything featuring the three of 'em!

Still... if you're a fan of E-Man or Joe Staton or Nick Cuti, or just a fan of plain good done-in-one comics, make sure that you ask your local comic shop to pull a copy of this book for you, y'hear?

And if you don't have a shop nearby you, or if they (perish forbid) didn't order it, you can order it direct from the Digital Webbing website. Either way, you'll be happy you did!


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  1. Glen Davis9:45 AM

    I'm so glad that this is coming. If DC had got ahold of this character, he'd be dead.


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