Sunday, October 08, 2006

Today's Incredible Internet Guide to Comic Books and Super-Heroes Look

Today, I start with the Television section!


This part of the book covers sites devoted to the Batman TV series with Adam West. They only include five sites on this list... and one of them is the page!

The ones that are still up and running are The 1966 Batman TV Tribute Site, which I've long had bookmarked;, Yvonne, and Ty's Yvonne Craig Page.

Only five sites? Seems like they could've found more. In my own bookmarks, I've already got the following:

The Bat Pages

The Original 1966 Batmobile Website

CultTVMan: Bob Kimball's Batcave

The History of the Batmobile (well, it's not all about the 1966 series' Batmobile, but it's included)

1966 Batmobile Paper Model

Of course, some of those may not have been up back in 2000.

The Flash

Only two websites listed for this -- the Sci Fi Channel's site, and someone else's site... guess what? They're both gone. So here's a real, working website that focuses on the TV series for you!

The Incredible Hulk

Three sites listed... and the only working one is the Sci Fi Channel's page.

Swamp Thing

Yes, there's a section for the short-lived Swamp Thing TV series! The first link works (it's for the Cult TV Man page), the second one (which is a Geocities page) is just a fanfic archive, and the third one is dead.

Miscellaneous Superhero TV Show Sites

Yes, that's right... this 2000-published book goes right to "Miscellaneous Superhero TV Show Sites" -- no web pages for the original George Reeves Superman series, no Wonder Woman page!

So... the first site is on the 1970 Legends of the Super-Heroes Special, and that's a Geocities site that no longer exists!

The second site (which does work, despite being a Geocities page) is a Superboy TV series page.

The third site they list is on the JLA 1997 Unaired TV pilot... but since that was part of the same person's site as the Legends of the Super-Heroes Special, that's also gone!

The fourth site is a Spider-Man TV series page, but it's part of the Pazsaz Entertainment Network site, thus making it a good overall site for info on TV shows based on comic books (they even had a Batman page and a Superboy page, among many others).

Next up is a defunct Generation X: The Movie page, and a defunct Super Hero & Comic Book TV Shows Geocities page. Then a Nightman page (but that link now brings you to a Newport Beach Criminal Lawyer's page), a defunct Power Pack Pilot page...

...and finally Sarah Wood's Lois & Clark Episode Transcripts -- which is still running, and amazingly, is the ONLY Lois & Clark website listed! Heck, I know there's a L&C Fanfic Archive out there still (which also includes some of my own L&C fanfic, too (you can find my stories here in case you're interested, all written while the show was still on the air).

Next up: Cartoons!


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  1. Jon,
    Since Yahoo shut down Geocities, we have to go to to see an archive of Ty's site.
    Hope this helps!


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