Monday, November 13, 2006

And it's Monday morning...

...and I plain ran out of time to blog anything last night!

Anyway... so on Sunday, after walking the dogs and having breakfast, Jessi and I took the very deluxe crockpot that my parents gave me for my birthday back to JC Penney to exchange it. Naturally, as so many other stores are doing these days, rather than getting a cash refund, they issued a gift card instead, which I could then use on something else there.

So, I went looking in their small kitchen section... and couldn't find anything there I was interested in adding to my kitchen gadgetry (I actually have a pretty impressive set of kitchen items already, to be honest -- I mean, I don't have a juicer, but I don't need or want a juicer! And while an ice cream maker would be nice to get, it's not such an interesting idea in November -- as opposed to, say, April or May when it's getting warmer). So we then went on to the men's clothing department.

I swear, in the past year, Penney's big and tall section went from being decent-sized to being pretty middling. I didn't see anything in their men's department that I was interested in adding to my wardrobe at all.

So, now I've got a gift card for Penney's in the amount of $XX.XX, and they don't have anything I want for myself.

So maybe I'll end up using it to help pay for part of Jessi's Christmas present from me.

After getting home from our second run to the mall in as many days, we settled in for a relaxing day, watching some Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes we've been DVR-ing, as well as some other stuff... and Jessi gets a call from That Kitchen Store (you may recall from a previous post we'd entered a drawing there -- or did I mention that drawing?) and that she's won a $25 gift card from there.

Too bad she didn't get that call while we were already at the mall! Oh, well.

I did try out the pasta maker attachment I got for my birthday, the one that attaches to my Kitchen Aid mixer -- I made some whole wheat spaghetti, and to go with it, I made some spaghetti sauce with veggie meatballs (we'd picked up the veggie meatballs at Grocery Outlet on Friday, one of my favorite discount stores). Unfortunately, I don't have any garlic around here at present, so the sauce was really missing what I consider to be a vital element... but Jessi seemed to like it (that's what she told me, anyway). We've got lots of leftovers, so if I remember to stop at the store and buy some garlic powder, I can at least add that missing flavor to the leftovers!

Wow, this entire post has no comics or any other geek-like content, does it? Unless you're a cooking geek.


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