Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Random Toy Commercial Videos

Here's some random toy commercial videos for you to enjoy! First up is the Kenner SSP Smash-Up Derby commercial:

I vividly remember this commercial... and the Christmas after this commercial hit the airwaves, my brothers and I got this set! We used to have several SSP's.

For the uninitiated, SSP stood for "Super Sonic Power," and basically, these cars had this big wheel in the middle (the only moving wheel, actually), and you'd insert the T-strip next to it (it had teeth on the strip with a handle, and you fed it into the gear on the wheel), pull it out, and the big wheel was like a gyro that powered the car forward!

Next up: The Remco Energized Spider-Man!

This was a toy I never had... but I wanted it! I found out later it was probably just as well I didn't get it, because it was disappointing when I saw one in real life as an adult.

Here's a Mego commercial to wrap up this post!


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  1. Glen Davis10:07 AM

    I had the Spiderman toy. It wasn't that great, but the helicopter was pretty cool, I thought.


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