Friday, January 12, 2007

Hey, It's Friday Night!



Here's another advertisement from DC January, 1969 comics (or, at least, cover-dated that date). Looks like another Schaffenberger art job on this one, but I could be way off (it's happened before).

I don't think I ever played this game, so I don't have anything to say about it!

Here's another house ad I scanned from the same comic:


Angel and the Ape is another one of those wacky Silver Age books that didn't last very long... and you know, when I've been able to afford to buy back issues, one thing that I always get a kick out of is finding cheap copies of these short-lived, wacky books (even if they weren't intended to be that wacky).

The eBay

So as I write this, I've got 55 items (still) for sale on eBay... you can view my current listings here.

I still find it odd how, when I've got mostly "Buy It Now" items listed, I'll get people adding the items to the watch list. There's a few items with two people watching them right now, and given that pretty much everything's listed at less than half cover price, I'm not sure why they think they might get a better price. But you know, I could be wrong in that assumption.


Yes, I read all about Apple's iPhone... and once our Sprint contract is up, we may switch to Cingular so we can get them (assuming the price has gone down a bit by then).

If you're having a hard time waiting for June, when the iPhone becomes available, check out this entry from the Gizmodo blog.


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  1. Glen Davis9:51 PM

    I have Booby Trap. There's a lot of little disc like thing that keep a spring loaded trap open, and you have to remove the discs without snapping the trap.

    A fun game, and one I used to play a lot.


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