Sunday, January 28, 2007

Latest on the Foster Parent Preparation...

So, preparations are proceeding apace here at Chez Knutson for fostering a child... mostly today. I already knew my parents were going to be running some stuff down here that had been in their garage (stuff my sister had used for her kids, the youngest of which is now 11 or 12, I believe), and they indeed came through, bringing a potty trainer, a high chair, a stroller, a Winnie the Pooh little couch that folds out to make a nap bed (which I've dubbed a "Pooh-ton"), a rocking horse, a small table and chairs, and a few other assorted items. They weren't able to find the crib they've got in storage.

Prior to their arrival, Jessi and I decided to go out and purchase the Eddie Bauer car seat we'd seen last weekend at Big Lots for $100 (it's last year's model - this year's model is about $260 at Target). We also planned a stop at WalMart (to pick up some photos) and Grocery Outlet (to get soda and breakfast ceral - if you have a GC in your area, the $1.00 boxes of Malt-O-Meal cereals usually found at the dollar stores are 50 cents each there now, buy 'em while they're available!). We'd decided before leaving we wanted to get something to put on the door of the office to keep the child from getting in here, one of those things that you have to squeeze in order to turn the knob, so we figured we'd stop at Home Depot to see if they had them first (we had a gift card with a small balance on it, part of the refund when we returned the door knobs we thought we would need but didn't), but they didn't have the knobs.

WalMart was the second stop, and they did have the knob covers we were looking for. We also got a nice photo frame that holds 8 4"x5" photos before heading to Big Lots. We found another set of frames there we liked (we wanted to put up more photos in the house), and then learned they were sold out of the car seat we wanted!

We had the presence of mind to ask them to call the other location in the Olympia area to see if they had any left, and they did, so we ran over there to purchase it. They had one display model and two in boxes -- and the two in boxes had a bright material on them that would show dirt all too easily, so we bought the darker-colored display model. We got a few dog treats there, as well.

We next went to the Grocery Outlet on that side of town, but it's so much smaller than the one near us that we couldn't get everything we needed there, so after stopping at Subway for lunch, we went all the way back to our GC (which is very close to Home Depot, Big Lots, and WalMart) and got what we needed there.

Then it was home to get the car unloaded, and do some cleaning up before my parents arrived. They stayed for dinner, and then had to head for home.

We're still in need of a few things... mostly bedding for the toddler bed and the crib (which we're trying to find non-gender-specific stuff for, which isn't easy)... but we're coming along nicely!


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  1. we used safari animals from Burlington coat works well for boys or girls...

    also a foster...


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