Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Super City!

This ad comes from January 1969 DC Comics... yeah, figured I should do some more posts like this again (since I'd scanned some a while back, and just never uploaded 'em to Flickr):


The artwork for this ad sure looks to me like Kurt Schaffenburger, but that's just my best guess. The toy itself, "Super City," was similar to the much later (like late 1970s/early 1980s) "Girder & Panel Construction Set," and I actually had one set of the Super City construction toy about ten years ago or so.

Semi-interesting story behind that. Longtime readers of this blog know I used to run a Champions RPG group before moving to Wisconsin. To help visualize the combat between the villains and heroes, we started buying all the cheap sets of cars (in Hot Wheels/Matchbox scale) we could find... and then I remembered the Girder & Panel Construction Set from when I was a kid, and posted on some website, mailing list, or newsgroup that I was looking for some of these... and I was contacted by someone who said he had a set he'd sell me.

Anyway, after sending the money off and waiting, the package arrived... and it was this Super City set instead! I didn't realize at the time it was scaled to the Motorific stuff, as the ad says.

Strangely enough, about a week or two after I got this Super City set, Toys R Us carried -- for a brief time -- a revival of the Girder & Panel Construction Set, and so we bought a few sets of those for our Champions gaming.


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  1. Craig Smith12:58 PM

    Hey Jon,
    Actually the Girder and Panel Building Set originally appeared in the early '60s. I had one of the sets. I also remember Brakeman Bill doing a commercial for the toy and doing the inevitable blooper -- calling it the "girdle and panel building set". Whole different toy...


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