Wednesday, January 24, 2007

TV Comic of the Day: The Avengers (John Steed and Emma Peel)

Here's another TV comic which I've never read... and chances are, if I ever glom on to a copy of it, I'd end up being sadly disappointed in it...


The Avengers is one of my favorite TV shows of all time -- especially the Diana Rigg episodes. It was cleverly-written, and extremely stylized to boot!

Of course, the series was revived in the 1980s, with Patrick Macnee returning as Steed, and saddled with two partners this time... I forget who the guy was, but the female partner was portrayed by future AbFab star Joanna Lumley! I'm sure she's had much more fame from AbFab than she ever did in The New Avengers!

The New Avengers ran in the USA in a late night block on CBS, back before they had David Letterman, and joining it in the line-up was The Saint, staring Ian Ogilvy (god knows why I can remember his name). Both shows were an enjoyable viewing.

I certainly can't say that about the movie "based" on The Avengers... You know, I really think that US movie makers should just keep their hands off any property that was originally created in another country, and was very popular. Godzilla, anyone?

I can't say I have any higher hopes for the new Prisoner series, but I'm kind of drifting off the topic, aren't I?



  1. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Hi Jon,

    Glad you like The Avengers - it's my favourite TV series too and I am a great admirer of Diana Rigg.
    The New Avengers was actually a 70's series rather than an 80's series - maybe it came later in the USA.
    And, it was The New Avengers that *made* Joanna (Lumley) long before AbFab - 80% of girls in the UK and Europe actually sported Purdey haircuts!She was big, big on this side of the Pond!
    The the other man on The New Avengers was Gambit as played by Gareth Hunt. And, The Saint starred Roger Moore and The Return of the Saint starred Ian Ogilvy...he was also in an Avengers episode sporting a blond hairstyle.
    I can't agree with you enough about Hollywood leaving great TV series alone - The Avengers film was no less than an abortion!
    I hope that they don't get to do The Prisoner as a new series or a film. However, saying that the newer version of Randall & Hopkirk: Deceased I loved! That was originally another 60's series here in the UK. Did you ever get that one in the US?


  2. Hi, Barry... nice to see a UK reader on this blog! Does this mean I can claim international readership?

    I've hever neard of the show Randall & Hopkirk: Deceased... I'd imagine it's not been shown on BBC America or PBS over here (which is where I was exposed to pretty much all the British shows I'm a fan of).


  3. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Yes, Jon you are indeed international! I am in London!

    Randall & Hopkirk: Deceased is a 60's series...and these pair of detectives are diffrent from most because poor Marty Hopkirk is mown down by a car and killed leaving Jeff Randall to run their private detective agency along with Marty's fiancee - however Marty returns to aid Jeff solve as a ghost! And, Jeff is the only one that can see him!


  4. Back in the '70's, they showed "Randall & Hopkirk: Deceased" on American TV under the name "My Partner the Ghost." I think that was commercial TV, not PBS.

    DC comics published their own version of "The Avengers" under the title "Steed and Mrs. Peel." That was in the late '80's or early '90's.


  5. I do seem to recognize the title "My Partner the Ghost," but I'm sure I've never seen it.

    And it was Eclipse who published the deluxe format mini-series, not DC. I did buy it (as I did the DC Prisoner mini-series... I liked the Avengers one more).



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