Saturday, February 10, 2007

One more post about Space Academy, then I (might) be done...

It's funny, I think it was March of last year that I did all the transcriptions for the special features on the Space Academy DVD set... and while they did get quite a few cast members interviewed for the show, there were a few omissions.

One of them -- the one I was hoping most for -- was Pamelyn Ferdin. If you don't recognize her name, don't feel bad. You've probably seen her on plenty of TV shows, though. She was the shorter blonde female lead on Space Academy (Laura, the twin sister of Chris), but those of you who are fans of the original Star Trek would undoubtedly remember her from the episode "And the Children Shall Lead" -- "hail, hail, fire and snow, call the angel we will go..." should remind you which episode that was. Brian Tocchi, one of her fellow Space Academy cast members, was also in that Trek episode (and he was interviewed for the DVD).

The link I provided above is to Pamelyn's official web site, and I visited it last night, and sent her off a short email. Check it out yourself, and see just how many shows she appeared in!

She's still very cute, by the way, if the all-too-small photo of her on her main page is up to date.

Another omission was the other female lead, Maggie Cooper. She doesn't have a website, and apparently she's better known for her role on Falcon Crest, a show I never watched.


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  1. I remember her--I saw her often on TV growing up. She was on a series called "Curiosity Shop" and she played Felix's daughter on "The Odd Couple."


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