Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Some More Links for Ya!

Here's some more of the comics links I have on my bookmarks list:

The Golden Age Blue Beetle will tell you probably everything you wanted to know about the original BB!

If you're interested in tracking down reprints of Marvel Comics, Arthur's Marvel Comics Reprints Website is for you! This is the kind of web page I always appreciate finding!

I haven't looked at it for a while, but The Official Dick Giordano Website is still up and running, and a great resource for fans of the man!

I'd imagine most of you have already checked it out, but in the interests of completeness, here's, the website that tells all about those oversized treasury books, and not just the 1970s ones!

And finally, The Crossover Comics Calvacade website lists all the comics crossovers, ever!


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  1. Jon,
    Arthur Y. Lee wrote:
    "I have finally graduated, but I don't know when this account will be closed. For now, it will be available until mid-October 2007.

    I now have a new website and email:

    New website:
    New email: marvelreprints "at" (replace the "at" with @)

    My original site was at but my account was closed in October 2007."
    Hope this helps!


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