Thursday, February 22, 2007

Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier

This was a two-hour special I DVR'ed from The History Channel earlier this week, and just finished watching today. The main focus of the program was the Christie's auction of original Trek props, costumes, sets and models (drool, drool), but they also covered the history of Star Trek (although, like with all other Trek specials I've watched on The History Channel, there's absolutely zero mention of the animated series).

It was a fun program to watch... I'd heard a few comments from people who saw it talking about some of the outlandish Trekkies on the special, but there really weren't that many... and the "worst" ones were the couple who named their poodles Data and Tasha Yar (yeah, I know, I named my dog Krypto, but at least Krypto is a dog's name, y'know!).

If you get the History Channel, check your local listings to see if it'll be repeated... I think you'll like it!

The only real problem with watching all this Trek-related stuff is... I've found myself with a yen for some Star Trek stuff on my shelves... most notably, full-size replicas of original series communicator, tricorder, and phaser (as well as Next Gen versions of the phaser and tricorder)... so long as they make the appropriate flashing lights and noises!

Remember back when Playmates had the Trek toy license? I was collecting their stuff like crazy... bought the action figures, the playsets, the ships, and of course, their phaser and tricorder toys! And yes, I did take them all out of the packages... heck, I basically played with 'em!

Maybe I'll have to look for some of that stuff on the eBay...


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  1. As a kid, I had a model kit that let me glue together full size replicas of a phaser, tricorder, and communicator. Maybe there's an unassembled kit still out there somewhere.


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