Saturday, February 24, 2007

Transcription Work Wanted!

It's been a while since I've had much in the way of transcription work, and I hear from Andy Mangels that the BCI work will be coming to an end soon, if it's not at an end already... so, I'm hereby announcing on this blog that I am available for free-lance transcription work!

In the past, I have done transcriptions of interviews for Mark Evanier (when he was doing his CBG column), TwoMorrows Publishing, David J. Spurlock's book series, Charlton Spotlight, and of course, BCI's DVD releases.

Rates can be negotiable, based on the product being produced. For example, I know that small-press publications don't have the budget that other companies may have.

My basic rates are as follows:

Video Tape - $30 per hour of recordings, billed in 15-minute segments (mininum charge $30). In the event of several recordings are provided, I will take the total time and bill based on that time. If timestamps are needed (as is the usual case for transcribing interviews for DVDs), those can be put in the transcript, based on minutes and seconds. VHS tapes only -- my DVD player doesn't work that well for fast rewinding and fast forwarding. If the DVD isn't copy-protected, I can dub to VHS tape if necessary.

Audio Tape - $25 per hour of recording, billed in 15-minute segments (mininum charge $25). Recordings should be provided on standard cassette tape whenever possible, but if microcassette is all that's available, I can dub to standard tape. Sound levels should be fairly high -- if you can't make out what's being said on the tape, I probably won't, either.

In addition, I also ask that at least one comp copy of the final product be sent to me upon publication. I also ask for credit of some kind to be provided in the final product.

I pride myself on fast turnarounds and accurate transcriptions. I always spell-check my work, and provide the completed transcriptions in Microsoft Word format. If preferred, I can copy and paste the contents into an email.

If tapes need to be returned, I will include the cost of shipping them back in my billing, which will be submitted either at the end of the completed job, or once a month on or about the first of the month. If your billing is done on a particular day of the month, let me know in advance and I can send my billing to coincide with that. In the event of a very large job, I may break up the billing into two-week intervals.

If you are interested in using my services, you can contact me at, at which time I will be happy to provide my telephone number and shipping address.

Thank you for your consideration!


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