Sunday, February 25, 2007

TV Comic of the Day!


Tonight's TV comic is the Time Tunnel, which lasted a short time in Gold Key's lineup. I used to have one issue of this title, and recall it as being pretty standard Gold Key stuff... not as wildly out-of-continuity as their Star Trek book, but nowhere near as fun as their original titles, either.

This is a concept that I've been amazed hasn't been revived in some form or another... I mean, yeah, there's just the one standing set, and everything else has to be done from scratch each week, but with today's computer effects available, it would seem to me that things could be replicated onscreen easily, no? Use "virtual sets" that would be filled in via CGI, film the live-action on a green screen set, and your only physical needs would be period costumes (which most studios should have access to, right?).

Modernize the main Time Tunnel set with a new look, but keep the tunnel the way it is, maybe do a bit more characterization, and I think you could have a hit! Heck, for that matter, the tech team at the Tunnel could feature some pretty big-name stars, and so long as all the scripts are written in advance, their scenes could all be filmed in a month, and then it's all Doug and Tony (that was their names, wasn't it?) for the rest of your filming season!

Just make sure the scripts have some very cool concepts, nice "bumps" with history, and keep the dialogue fresh and witty!



  1. Anonymous10:24 PM

    I think they did an updated Time Tunnel pilot 2-3 yrs ago, but it didn't sell IIRC

    Alan Hinton

  2. The TV series "Quantum Leap" was a lot like "The Time Tunnel."


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