Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cool Classic Toys of the Day!


It's still the 1966 Sears Wish Book, and I'm still looking at GI Joe stuff... although honestly, I doubt that any of these vehicles were Hasbro products... more likely they were made by a different company, just in scale with Joe (kind of like so many toy companies are doing these days with their own 12" action figure stuff, most of which you'll only seem to find at Big Lots -- not that there's anything wrong with that!).

Still, these are pretty cool... I especially like the motorcycle and the Navy jet (the helicopter just looks strange... certainly not anywhere near as cool as the Adventure Team's helicopter!).

Tomorrow, more on the 1966 Sears Wish Book stuff, as we look at some Lost In Space toys!



  1. These were made by a company named Irwin, that actually licensed the GI Joe name from Hasbro. Strange-looking through it is, the helicopter is actually based on a real one made by the Hiller company. I did a blog post with photos of the toy and prototype a while back. It's here:

  2. thanks for the info! I didn't think anybody was reading these older posts anymore!



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