Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cool Classic Toys of the Day!


So here's some accessories for Moon McDare from the 1966 Sears Wish Book.

Now, ordinarily, I'm in favor of dogs for action figures... although outside of Krypto (who was an accessory for the Captain Action Superman and Superboy outfits, and of course he was included with the Superboy/Supergirl two-pack from DC Direct, along with Streaky), I can't think of any other action figures that even had a dog accessory!

But I could be way off here... Then again, I'm pretty sure GI Joe never had a dog available (unless it was a small pack of huskys for an artic explorer set, to pull the sled), Action Jackson from Mego never had a dog that I've ever heard of (although he did have a horse, which is the same horse that was later used for Dinah-Mite and the Planet of the Apes line)... and I'm pretty sure that Big Jim didn't have a dog, either.

There was, however, Duke. Duke was a German Shepherd jointed action figure who lived in his own little world. Not tied in with any other toy line, he suffered the same fate that tended to happen with any action figure line that only had one character, period (then again, could it even be called a line, then, if there's only one?).

I think Duke was scaled appropriately to be considered a pseudo-Joe (12" version) accessory, but I could be way off.


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  1. I never had one, but Duke had some pretty cool accessories.


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