Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Is It Just Me....?

...or does reading a volume of Essential Daredevil seem to be rather... tedius to anyone else?

Admittedly, DD's never been one of my favorite Marvel characters... With the exception of the Daredevil and the Black Widow issues, the issues Tony Isabella wrote, and the Frank Miller run, I've never been all that excited to come across a DD back issue... so it shouldn't surprise me, really, that in reading Essential DD Vol. 3, I pretty much gave up halfway through it.

Fortunately, I didn't buy this... it was from the local library.

It's really bizarre... I mean, most of the issues in this volume were written by Roy Thomas, and I usually love Roy's stuff, but... Daredevil? Eh.

I think, too, part of the reason is the Gene Colan artwork. Don't get up in arms, but I've never been all that terribly fond of Gentleman Gene's work... I always felt that, as fluid as his art was, his pencilling needed a Joe Sinnott or someone to tighten up his stuff a bit more, and give it a bit more depth.

Maybe it's that I never felt his stuff was that great for superhero work, because I don't have a problem with his stuff in Tomb of Dracula, for example... his horror work is great!

Anyway... if anyone else finds it hard to read Essential Daredevils, feel free to comment!



  1. I heard that Daredevil wasn't too popular until Frank Miller started doing him.

  2. Well, DD must've had some fans for his book to last long enough for Miller to come along!



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