Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Night Ramblings...

So today was a really mind-numbingly slow day at work... at least the first half of the day, anyway. I got so bored I went to the NBC website and downloaded the PDF files of their Heroes on-line comic book (which I'd fallen behind on). Given the size of these files, and the fact that I don't have a working CD-ROM drive, I had to do what I could to email these files.

The sizes of these files were anywhere from 2MB to 4MB or even more! So, I opened each one of them up after they were downloaded, then exported a postscript file of them and re-distilled them (since they were from a newer version of Acrobat than we have at work). The next step was to open the new versions up, and then run another program within Acrobat that resized the graphics down to 200 dpi (which is still plenty good enough, given the pages are actually something like 22 inches wide!). Once those were done, I was able to email them to me at home... and after getting home, I downloaded them to my hard drive. I still need to read them.

In other news, last night I worked on the introductions for Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek and Tom Peyer for the trivia contest at Emerald City, and sent them off to make sure they were okay. Waid okayed his without changes, while Peyer and Busiek had some corrections to be made. Of course, now this means I have all their email addresses, but being the responsible person I am, I won't be sharing them!

I've been doing some additional work on the artifacts for the trivia contest, too... the Fantasti-Flare is pretty much ready, except for painting. I think it'll look pretty cool once it's all done! I've also been continuing work on the Red Kryptonite... unfortunately, it seems to be taking forever for each paper-mache layer to dry! I'm hoping to do another layer tonight before going to bed.

So, that means I have the Flash Ring and Cosmic Cube ready, the Fantasti-Flare nearly done, and the Red K in progress. I still need to find a cheap watch for the Jimmy Olsen Signal Watch (gotta hit a garage sale for that, I think... cheap watches probably aren't showing up at thrift stores). I think I'll skip Wonder Woman's lasso, and may switch it out with a JLA communicator (which I'll probably have to just make up entirely, since I can't find a picture of one to work from).

I also have a few things to finish up for the contest itself... mostly visual items.

Meanwhile, I finished reading Tales to Astonish tonight... and the factual errors just kept coming! I wonder if someone's done a web page that details all the errors in this book? Next up on my reading is either Against The Grain: Mad Artist Wallace Wood, Astro City: Heroes, Godzilla: King of the Movie Monsters or The Ultimate Guide to the JLA. It'll probably either be the Astro City or Wally Wood books.

Another thing I did earlier today was check to see what's waiting for me at the library... and there's a few things there already that I'll probably be scanning pictures from for future sharing here... assuming that you readers are enjoying the new classic toys feature!


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