Thursday, March 15, 2007

More on TV Comics!

Scott Haley, one of my regular readers, wrote a comment to a previous TV Comics post that I'm going to share...

" I saw a stack of neat old TV cartoon comic books at Danger Room Comics Thursday. They had one called "Yogi Bear vs. Magilla Gorilla for President." It was $1."

That sounds like a pretty good price to me, Scott! But you didn't say if you bought any of 'em! Thanks for sharing with me, but I'd imagine I probably won't be able to make it there anytime soon...

Danger Room Comics is the other comic book shop in the Olympia area (Olympic Cards & Comics, the shop I go to, is the other one). Danger Room is in the heart of downtown Olympia, while Olympic Cards & Comics is in Lacey (which butts up right against Olympia, and I'd imagine a lot of people consider the two cities to be a single city, and would likely include Tumwater along with it).

I haven't been at Danger Room since last Free Comic Book Day, when Jessi and I were meeting friends for breakfast at a restaurant across the street from DR. It's a nice enough shop, fairly small, and I'd imagine that if I worked downtown somewhere, I'd probably be taking my comics buying business there, since I'd be able to walk there during my lunch break.


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  1. That's exactly what I do, walk to the Danger Room on breaks from work.

    I didn't buy the comics--they'd take up space in my apartment, and probably wouldn't be that good to read. It's more fun to just look at the covers.



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