Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Daily Routine, These Days...

Just because I don't happen to have much else to talk about, I thought I'd fill you readers in on my daily routine:

10am - The alarm goes off, and I get up. Some mornings, I'll get up earlier (if I have errands to run, for example... or if I wake up too close to the alarm to bother going back to sleep). I let the dogs go outside to do their business, grab a soda from the fridge, and let the dogs back in. Then I'm up in the office to read emails and check the news sites I've got on the links, as well as some blogs that update more often (like Evanier's blog, and TV Squad).

After that, it's time for a quick shower, and then I get some breakfast (usually a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch or a generic version) and watch some stuff I've DVR'ed until 11:30, when I put the dogs to bed.

11:40 - This is the latest time I'll leave to go to work. It takes 15-20 minutes for me to get there.

12pm-4pm - At work.

4pm-6pm - Lunch break! I'll get home, make dinner so it's ready by the time Jessi's home from work at about 5:10pm or so. We'll eat dinner together, and then I head back to work at 5:40.

6pm-10pm (or so) - At work again. Some days, I finish earlier; some days later.

10:15pm - At night, it's usually 15 minutes to get home. If Jessi's still up, we'll talk for a bit before she heads to bed (that's usually the case if I'm home early). If I'm leaving on time or late, Jessi's normally asleep on the couch, or already in bed. If she's sleeping on the couch, I'll get her up and into bed.

10:30 (or so) - I'm at the computer, reading blogs. If I'm hungry, I'll have my dinner while I read. The TV's usually on Cartoon Network at this time, so I can watch a few Futurama reruns, but sometimes I'll pop a DVD in the machine.

11:00 (or so) - About time for my blog entries of the night, starting with TV comics and the retro toy of the day. Once this is done, I'll make my posts to the DC History List (which, these days, are covers for TV Comics!).

11:30 (or so) - Once the blog's done, and the DC History lists are posted, it's Project Time, assuming I have a project going on! I may be doing scans for future postings (which I've been doing the past week or so), or working on stuff for the trivia contest (ongoing for the past three weeks, I guess), or maybe even writing Cover Stories columns (which I've done the past few nights, usually two entries a night). I may even be searching YouTube for videos to share!

If I have no projects going on, or need a break, then I'll usually read, or maybe watch TV or DVDs.

2:00 - Typically, by this time, I've gone to bed. If I go to bed earlier, it's to read in bed until I'm sleepy.

Exciting schedule, isn't it? It'll likely have to change when we get our foster child (but my hours will be different then, too).


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