Monday, March 26, 2007

Now I'm REALLY Not Happy...

If you've already read the post below this, keep reading... if not, you might wanna scroll down first and read that.

This morning, I got up two hours early so that I could check on the status of our new washer and dryer.

And I was told that NOW it's been scheduled for April 9th. Two WEEKS later than it was originally planned. And that we "should've" been called to be told this already.

Apparently, the things are on back order, hence the delay.

Well, gee, isn't that special? I've already disconnected the old washer (which doesn't work that great - the spin cycle won't get enough water out of the clothes) and dryer and moved them into the garage, and cleaned up the floor where they were, got up early today, made all the necessary arrangements with work in case I needed to show up late... and now I guess we (well, honestly, Jessi) will have to spend quarters and time at the laundromat to do our laundry for two weeks.

So, just to clarify the timeline... we (or rather, my parents) bought the washer and dryer on March 18, and it'll end up being 22 days (assuming there are no more delays) later before the new washer and dryer will show up. Oh, what joy. I'll tell you what, next time we're in the market for a new washer and dryer, I'm going to make sure that they are in stock and guaranteed for delivery before we hand over a single penny!

In a related (kind of) comment: Regular reader and commenter Scott Haley mentioned his own situation where a pizza was ordered ahead of time, but someone screwed up the order. I don't know who he ordered it from, but back in the day when I was working at a Pizza Hut, orders placed in advance went into a computer system, and the day any advance orders were placed, the system would print out the order tickets for all the advance orders of the day, which included the time that delivery was scheduled for (a very handy set-up, since it let us put the pizzas together ahead of time, and then just held off on baking them until just prior to their needing to be delivered).

Obviously, not all pizza places have this kind of set-up. But I would presume that the bigger chains (such as Domino's) would... and maybe the bigger local-only chains, perhaps. But yeah, I do have to admit that if you were placing an order a day or two in advance, it wouldn't hurt to call the day you were supposed to get the pizza to make sure they had the order.


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  1. Wow, it sounds like Pizza Hut has their act together better than the pizza place we went with. The computers are probably even better now than they were when you were there.

    Yes, always confirm on the day. That's probably the smart thing to do whatever you order.


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