Friday, March 16, 2007

TV Comic Cover of the Day!


Yes, there was a fairly short-lived comic book based on Hogan's Heroes, which many people today consider to be the 1960s TV show that was in the worst taste ever, given that it seemed to play World War II and the Nazis for laughs.

I'm not one of them... I mean, I saw "To Be Or Not To Be" (the Mel Brooks version, although I've got the DVD of the Jack Benny version here to watch once I finish watching the Bullwinkle DVDs I also got from the library) and enjoyed it, and I have no problem with anything that makes people whom I disagree with look like idiots (you know, like Nazis).


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  1. I read an article by a comic collector who wrote that some of his favorites from his collection were his Steve Ditko "Hogan's Heroes" comics. I like to think that he drew strange floating pathways, as he did in "Doctor Strange."


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