Saturday, April 28, 2007

Artswalk, Spring 2007!

This being Artswalk weekend in Olympia, Jessi and I decided to head downtown to take it all in.

Well, not right away... first we had breakfast, and then we went out and hit some garage sales... and had great luck with them, too! Among the items we purchased were the board games Scrabble, Taboo and Scattergories, a new lightweight coat for me, a Rubbermaid pitcher, some beading stuff for Jessi...

...and three of the 12" Planet of the Apes action figures of a few years back, still in the original packaging... Zira, Taylor and the Gorilla Sergeant. I got all three of them for $25, which was a heck of a deal! I think Doctor Zaius might've been the only other one they produced, but I could be misremembering. I think they originally retailed for $15-20 each.

We took KO and Krypto with us, and they got lots of attention from fellow garage sale goers.

Afterwards, we headed for home and unloaded the car, had a quick lunch, put the dogs to bed, and headed downtown.

Fortunately, we're always able to find free parking when we go to downtown Olympia, and this time was no different.

Artswalk, for the uninitiated, is held twice a year, once in Spring, and once in the Fall. Area businesses have sales and also display works of art by local area artists. In addition, there's music in the streets, demonstrations by various groups, and informational booths. One of our first stops that took any time was at a table set up by some group (I forget their names) who were giving away free helium balloons as well as wooden tops, which you could also paint while you were there.

After that, we stopped at Wind Up Here, a downtown toy store, where I bought an extra set of Left-Right-Center dice (which was for my boss, who will be paying me back for them), as well as four tiny glow-in-the-dark fairies for Jessi to use in a terrarium.

We looked in on a few other stores as well, and then we were both feeling a bit thirsty and needed a break, so we went back to the car (which was parked at a Safeway), got in, and ran over to a different Safeway (the one we were parked at didn't have a public restroom), got something to drink there, and then it was back to the house, where we loaded up the dogs (putting on their backpacks, which were loaded with bottled water -- Cesar Milan recommends this when taking dogs for a leashed walk, because it gives them a job, and helps tire them out).

With the dogs loaded up, we went back downtown for the annual Procession of the Species, which always happens during the spring Artswalk.

The Procession of the Species is a parade in which volunteers dress up as various kinds of animals, and they perform along the route, with animals grouped together by type (insects together, sea life together, etc.). It's always entertaining, if a bit loud (most groups use drums to provide music). We brought the dogs because we they needed more practice dealing with large crowds and noise, and they did rather better than we expected.

We'd brought some folding chairs with us to sit on during the parade, and twice during the parade, Krypto got scared enough by the drums that he climbed up on my lap! Still, overall, both dogs handled it all right. They'll probably do better next time.


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