Monday, April 09, 2007

Classic Toys of the Day!


Yes, it's still Joe time as I look at the cool stuff from the 1969 Sears Wish Book!

Man, I wish I'd had that space suit and capsule when I was a kid... and what a bargain it seems now, too! Although, if you consider that comics were, what, 15 cents back then, and you adjust both items for inflation at the same rate, I can see how this would've been considered fairly expensive back then!

Still cool as hell, though.

On the talking GI Joe... I remember having an Adventure Team-era talking Joe, you pulled his "AT" dogtag to make him speak various phrases, the most common one (at least on mine) being, "Mission accomplished! Good work, men!" This Joe, of course, had the "real hair," but I don't remember whether or not he had Kung-Fu Grip.

More Joe tomorrow!


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