Friday, April 27, 2007

Classic Toys of the Day!


The Mummy and Creature action figures above were, if I'm not mistaken, also made by Remco, who made the Mighty Crusaders figures I've been posting over the past few days. These figures, however, were made more on the scale of the original Star Wars toys (which you may have guessed from the articulation), and the sculpts on them are really great!

I used to have a few of these myself, back in my toy collecting days... every now and then, I'd come across one of these... or maybe it was a Universal Monsters happy meal toy of some kind, because there were some of those made in about the same scale, no doubt making things confusing.

Too bad that the Dollar Stores don't have figures like this for sale around Halloween... I'd bet they could sell a jillion of 'em! As it is, there's just generic future ninja figures or something like that. Heck, even making more or less generic monster figures would do well, I'd think!


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  1. I love them too:


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