Friday, April 27, 2007

Comic Book Ad of the Day!

File this under "stuff you'd never see in a comics ad these days":


This is from the November 1977 cover-dated DC Comics, and yes, that's a full page, full color ad showing this gun for kids blowing a hole through an apple.

Just how many twisted kids do you think saw that ad and pictured the head of the person they hated the most in place of the apple?

I'm not saying that this mid-70s ad made kids think guns were cool and shooting people solved your problems or anything like that... I've always thought that if your mind is twisted, it can take anything to use as an influence, and if you don't have a twisted mind, you can think for yourself and act like a valued member of society.

But heck, even I think that this particular ad was in bad taste!

Imagine if it had been published just a month or so before the Columbine incident... I would think that it would've been picked as one of the reasons it happened, and probably started an all-new witch hunt against comic books!


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