Saturday, April 21, 2007

Comics Ad of the Day!


Check this out... Man-Bat, drawn by Steve Ditko. Looks pretty cool to me! Unfortunately, I think this series lasted all of one issue. OK, strike that, two issues. I don't know if there were stories leftover in the inventory when this was cancelled... although I do recall seeing some Man-Bat tales in Batman Family (or in the later Dollar Comics issues of Detective Comics, which featured the Batman Family), but I don't know if they were the leftovers or new tales.

Note the other three titles listed below that... of the three, All-Star Comics is probably the most fondly remembered series, reviving the original title the JSA was featured in (and taking up the numbering from where All-Star left off, even though All-Star Western had already taken up that numbering back in the 1950s). Blackhawk, I believe, got cancelled, then revived (I think Mark Evanier's issues were in the revival series), cancelled again... and then it was revived in a miniseries as Howard Chaykin put his own mark on Blackhawk (which, to be honest, seems to be the same mark he tends to put on nearly anything he writes... there's a lot of parallels in how Chaykin handled Blackhawk and how he handled his own American Flagg, if you ask me).

And I'm sure nobody really remembers Code Name: Assassin.



  1. I have the issue of First Issue Special that featured Code Name: Assassin. Certainly not the worst offering from that series.

  2. Anonymous8:41 AM

    I do not sure, but I think the tales by Pablo Marcos in the Detective were leftovers, and the was the only time that Ditko drew Batman (Man-Bat # 1).

  3. Glen, which one would you consider was the worst? I know most people choose the Green Team or the original Outsiders...

    Anonymous, I seem to recall seeing a looong time ago a coloring book that was done by Ditko that featured Batman in it, among other characters -- at least Ditko did some of the illustrations, anyway.


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