Monday, April 16, 2007

Comics Cover of the Day!

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Crimes by Women is our comics cover of the day... and yes, it is part of the continuing series of exploitation covers... at least, in this case, it's exploitation in the same sense as "women in prison" movies.

Funny thing about some of these old comics covers... and it's obviously in more than this one... it seems that most golden age covers that feature a woman wearing a red dress, said dress is either hiked up (like this one) or slit up the side to show off the gams!

Well, okay, this isn't hiked up so much as being a bit short. Anyway, I don't know if the woman on this cover is supposed to be Bonnie Parker, or from one of the other stories in this issue, or from none of them!


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  1. That woman is way prettier than the Bonnie Parker of Clyde fame, an ugly woman who looked like this:

    Bonnie & Clyde


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