Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Comics Cover of the Day!

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Here's the cover for Avengers 83, obviously a foreign edition, but it's still the same cover as the American version! This is another one of those exploitation covers, in that it's based on the then-timely theme of women's liberation... and like most comics interpretations of current events, this one is a bit skewed. When was women's lib about beating the hell out of their male oppressors?

Well, I suppose this interpretation is valid when it's applied to superheroes...

Anyway, this was the second "Valkyrie" appearance, I think... the first one was in The Incredible Hulk, but I believe these are both different Valkyries (I could be misremembering). In both cases, the Vals were women who were being oppressed until the Enchantress cast a spell to transform them into the Valkyrie.

Of course, the third iteration of the Valkyrie appeared in The Defenders, and that one stuck, with Barbara Norris being chosen to be possessed (and later, we learned that it was the spirit of Brunhilde of Asgard that was inhabiting Barbara's bod, later on regaining her own body... and then there was a fourth Valkyrie introduced in the last Defenders series).

I always dug the Valkyrie. I think her early Defenders appearances were among the first books I remember buying off the newsstands. She was strong and sexy, and wouldn't put up with much! Sounds like a dangerous kind of woman to be enamored with, I suppose... but then again, I think I've always admired women who stand up for themselves.



  1. Jon,
    I wonder what country this is from? This cover didn't appear until #130 at Marvel UK. Perhaps Australia or New Zealand?

    Actually, this issue was Valkyrie's first appearance (unless she was among the Valkyries who appeared in Journey Into Mystery #91). Next she appeared in Incredible Hulk #142 (9 months later) and Defenders #4 (17 months after that). We didn't discover her origin until Defenders #108.


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