Sunday, April 15, 2007

Genre Movie Still: Toho King Kong!


I won't promise that this will be a daily feature... but here's the first semi-regular post of this new feature, Genre Movie Still! As you can see, I've opted to make this still of King Kong from King Kong Vs. Godzilla the first one, and for no special reason!

Of course, we know that this Kong was a guy in a really bad gorilla suit, and he doesn't hold a candle to the classic Kong, stop-motion-animated by the great Willis O'Brien (and star of one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time). But taken in the context of his Toho environment, I don't have a real problem with him! After all, he was battling Godzilla, also a guy in a suit (although a much better-looking one, IMHO). Even the second appearance of the Toho Kong (with a different suit, if I recall correctly) still featured some good stuff here and there.

Then again, if I can have fun watching a giant monster movie, I can forgive bad special effects, or even a cheesy monster costume. That's all I really want in a giant monster movie... to have fun while watching it!

I didn't have fun watching the Dino Di Laurentis Kong, by the way... I considered it a major disappointment through and through. I've never watched the sequel to it, by the way (you know, the one where we find out Kong didn't die when he fell off the World Trade Center, just got move to a huge ICU until they could give him a heart transplant from a convenient giant female gorilla). I never did see Peter Jackson's Kong, for that matter... but it's not that I've been avoiding it! Jessi and I just never got a chance to go to the movies then, and I haven't picked up the DVD yet (it's on the list... probably we'll look for it next time there's an extra $30 or so available, and we hit a Hollywood Video previously-viewed sale).


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  1. In the sequel to the 1970's "Kong," Linda Hamilton from "Beauty and the Beast" and the "Terminator" films puts an artificial heart into Kong, and that's just the beginning of the film!

    It's too bad that you didn't see Peter Jackson's Kong on the big screen. On video, he'll be smaller than you.



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