Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One More Thing...

I forgot to mention that the TV Comic Cover of the Day posted below will be the last TV Comic Cover of the day for a while, as I switch gears to feature a different comic book cover each day, all chosen pretty much at random!

The classic toy posts will be continuing for some time, although I'd imagine I'll be running out of the Sears Wish Book posts pretty soon... which means there'll be other toy stuff coming!

I'm also going to begin yet another daily post series... comic book advertisements! Look for those to start Sunday night. That will be joined by Genre Movie Still of the Day, which will be mostly horror/monster movie pics!


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  1. Jon,
    I love your blog and check it every day. Would you do me a favor and check out my (fairly) new blog, and if you like it would you spread the word about it. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

    Alan Hinton


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