Sunday, April 08, 2007

Post-Easter Wrap-Up!

So, I hope that you've all had a pleasant Sunday, whether you celebrated Easter in some form or not!

Our big event of the day was going to my sister Sandy's house in Puyallup as most of my family (sans brother Jeff and his wife, Kristi -- Jeff was at Norwescon, and Kristi had already made plans with her friends) plus Sandy's husband's family all gathered together for a traditional Easter barbeque.

Yeah, that's right, I said barbeque. No, I don't understand it, either.

Anyway, Jessi and I brought spinach dip and tortilla chips, my mom brought potato salad, and I'm not sure who else brought what. The barbeque was brats, hamburgers, chicken or hot dogs, and there were also potato chips available, a fruit bread of some kind, corn on the cob, and strawberries on angel food cake for dessert!

Jessi and I also brought along a Rice Krispies Treats kit, so the nieces could make some decorated RKTs... although only my youngest nieces really participated in this. Plus, the set (which was "complete") didn't really firm up very well, so things tended to be a bit mushy. I think next Easter, we'll go back to the sugar cookie thing that worked so well for Christmas... or maybe we'll do something else entirely.

Jessi's been very much in favor of us bringing some kind of activity to family holiday gatherings, and I suspect that's mostly to help prepare us for our foster child. As such, I'm all for it... and it is fun, too!

We also played a few quick games of Left-Right-Center, a fun little dice game which my family's been enjoying more each time we play it!

Backtracking a bit, on Saturday night, I decided to pull out this vintage Bugs Bunny stuffed toy that I'd bought for five bucks way back when I was selling at swap meets, and try to get it washed. This thing was, honestly, very filthy, and I figured our super-deluxe washer could clean it well.

The first time around, it was markedly cleaner... but not all the stains came out. Nor did it really spin out too well... the stuffing was sopping wet! I tried to squeeze the water out, which came out very dirty, and so I figured I needed to rethink the whole thing.

Well, earlier tonight, while Jessi watched a marathon of "America's Next Top Model" episodes, I went up to the office and very carefully undid some of the seams on Bugs, and started pulling out the original stuffing. If I thought Bugs' fur was dirty, the stuffing was something else entirely! No wonder the fur didn't look so great... the dirty water from the stuffing kept coming out onto the fur! So, after disposing of all the stuffing (which I figured would never get clean), I brought Bugs' skin back downstairs, and put it through a laundry road with a few towels, adding some oxygen cleaner stuff to the soap. After that runthrough, I let it run through the dryer for about 10-15 minutes.

Wow, what a difference that made! Now I wish I'd taken a "before" photo to compare it with how it works now. The only problem now is that I need to come up with new stuffing for it before I sew the seams back up again... but I do have an old pillow in the closet that I think might have enough stuffing to refill it. On the other hand, I may wait until payday to buy some new stuffing for it (may as well do it up right!).

When I pulled the stuffing out, I also pulled out some wires that could be used to pose the ears and the arms, and threw those out, too... but I still will need to figure out how to replace that, at least for the ears, which will never stand up on their own. I may see if we have any old wire hangers around here, or perhaps I'll go with something else to straighten and stiffen the ears.


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