Friday, April 20, 2007

Recently Received... and to be Received...

In the mail this past week, I received two TwoMorrows mags: Alter Ego 57 (cover-featuring Bob Oksner) and Rough Stuff 4 (cover-featuring Michael Kaluta).

In email yesterday, I got an email from Tammy Caplan, who directed a superhero comedy movie that's available for viewing on Atom Films. She provided the link to watch it, but since my OS9 Mac can't use the software required to watch it, I haven't seen it yet... which is why I'm not providing the link here for you guys to follow (because I won't send you faithful readers blindly forth, y'know).

When I wrote back and indicated the problem, Tammy responded that she could mail me a screener on tape (well, I presume on tape, it could be DVD)... and once I receive it and watch it, I'll decide if I can recommend it or not. I'll still provide the link either way.

Of course, I'll also use this as an opportunity to tell you that if you have something you'd like me to review and offer my opinions on, you can contact me at the email link here, or even mail it to me direct at:

Jon B. Knutson
1313 Horne St. NE #2
Lacey, WA 98503

I'll be happy to check out anything you want to send me, especially if it relates somehow to the various subjects that I cover here... comics, movies, dvds, toys, cds, whatever... and I promise that I will write about it here, and if you provide me a link for a website, I'll include that, too.

I can promise you my honest opinion... whether good or bad!


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