Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So What Else Has Jon Been Up To Lately?

Well, a number of things...

ITEM! Jessi and I had our second home study meeting this morning with the adoption licensor, and we both felt it went very well. It appears that we may only have one more meeting to wrap up the last of the questions she has for us!

ITEM! I got another sad reminder of why I don't store cookware in the oven... after making breakfast this morning, I put the skillets and the lid I used for cooking in the oven so they wouldn't be laying on the stove, and when I came home for lunch, and turned the oven on to broil to make my lunch (Jessi's dinner), I forgot those were in there.... and the plastic handle for the lid (which is the lid to the crock pot) melted down completely, making it useless. Since the lids run $5-$10 plus postage, I think we'll just buy a new crock pot insted of replacing the lid... although I am thinking that I might take a measurement, and see if I can find a compatible lid on a crock pot at Value Village!

ITEM! I thought this week was going to be the last week with me on this later work schedule, but it's been extended another four weeks. This means, however, that I'll have the Memorial Day weekend to readjust my sleeping habits when things return to normal!

ITEM! Been doing a lot of reading when I can, thanks to the library... especially Ron Goulart's wonderful Groucho Marx mysteries. I'd read these all once before (also from a library), and re-reading these, I'm struck once again at how dead-on Goulart captured Groucho... as well as how well I think these books would work as a serialized TV show (assuming each of the books comprised a season of the show, it could easily last five seasons, assuming there's not a sixth or later book I'm not aware of). I've also been watching the special features on the Red Dwarf DVDs that I've checked out... haven't watched the episodes themselves because those discs tend to be too scratched up for my DVD player to handle! I'll never understand why people can't take better care of these materials when they check them out. I've also got currently checked out a set of CDs of Abbott and Costello radio shows which is missing a disc entirely.

ITEM! Since I realized that I'll be running out of TV Comics covers to post to the DC History list in another month or so, I've begun the next mega-theme which I'll start posting after the TV Comics are all done (actually, now that I think about it, I've got about six weeks of those left). The new theme? By The 10's... which will feature every 10th issue of various comics titles, so we can compare and contrast how the books changed over time. I'm being very studious with this one... I first prepared a title list from an old Overstreet Price Guide, so I could keep track of what books changed titles to what books (in order to keep those together), and I've already collected what cover images I can for the "A" books from the Grand Comics Database (too bad they don't have a more complete set of scans for Archie and Harvey books... this means when I'm considering posting those, I'll have to check and see if there's any new uploads to fill in the holes).

ITEM! This weekend is Olympia's ArtsWalk event, which Jessi and I have gone to before. It's held in downtown Olympia, and participating businesses display works by local artists, as well as have special sales. There's also other special events happening down there, including the Procession of the Species, which used to be on Earth Day (when Artswalk happened on that weekend) but now stays with whatever weekend ArtsWalk is. The Procession is a parade with music and all sorts of people dressed up as various animals, all grouped with like animals together. It's a visual feast for the eyes, but I don't think we'll be taking pictures this year. We are, however, considering taking the dogs with us, so they get more practice being out in public with people they don't know around them.

ITEM! Jessi and I are holding our next barbeque/potluck on May 27th, the day before Memorial Day, at 3 p.m. I don't know if any of you reading this are in the Olympia area and would like to attend, but if so, shoot me an email at waffyjon at comcast dot net and let me know! It'd be nice to meet one of my faithful readers!

ITEM! I don't have any more items tonight!


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