Friday, April 13, 2007

Some This 'n That Before I Get Back to Work...

... on the latest transcription for BCI/Eclipse.

ITEM! I completely forgot to mention anything about Wednesday's meeting with the adoption licensor. It went fairly well, and did end on time... with three more to come, every two weeks! The most annoying things about this were: A) We've already answered these questions before with the foster licensor (who subsequently told us they can share forms, but not interview responses); B) We had to answer a few things twice because she was paying more attention to our dogs than she was to our responses; C) Since one of the main questions we were answering today concerned employment history, it would've been nice to get a heads-up on it (we had no advance list of questions)... Jessi and I could've printed out our resumes and had all the dates and jobs right there!

ITEM! Anyone else out there find themselves reading two or more books at the same time? I'm currently dividing my reading time between Walter Koenig's autobiography WARPED FACTORS and Bill Scott's excellent THE MOOSE THAT ROARED, which is all about Jay Scott, Rocky, Bullwinkle, and their friends. I picked up the Koenig book at the library this morning, and started reading it before going into work.

ITEM! Haven't started restuffing that vintage Bugs Bunny toy yet!

ITEM! For every comp set of DVDs I get from BCI/Eclipse that I worked on, there must be at least five DVD sets of cartoons (plus ten DVD sets of TV shows) that keep coming out that I'll have to buy if I want to watch them! Yes, I have been checking stuff out from the library, but an annoying large number of them have been scratched, causing irregular pauses, and some skipped episodes! This has happened with volumes 1 and 2 of Bullwinkle, volume 1 of Red Dwarf, and most recently, volume 1 of Looney Tunes (the Monk volume 1 set didn't seem to suffer from this, but then, we only watched episodes we weren't sure we'd seen, plus the extras).

ITEM! That's it for tonight! Tomorrow, I may talk about some work stuff!


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