Friday, April 27, 2007

Yes, I Am Posting Later Than Usual Tonight...

...because it's been a busy evening! But now, some bullet points:

ITEM! Long-time readers of this blog may recall about six months ago, I was complaining about the absolutely terrible format for a special publication at the newspaper called "Portraits of Success" (which, when I say it out loud, I have to fight the urge to call it "Portraits of Excess"). The design for the ads, which is supposed to kind of look like magazine articles about the various businesses, was ridiculous... a tabloid-sized page where a little over a third of the width was a photo (yes, a tall skinny photo... you can imagine how much trouble that caused), then a skinny column for a little bit of text, including the company logo, and then another skinny column for the meat of the "story," which used a light condensed font which we almost always had to manually condense even more, because of the volume of text! Well, after the last time around, I got so tired of working with this format (as was the rest of my department) that I worked up four different designs (each design featuring three different ads reworked for those designs) that would work infinitely better. Well, today at work, the new salesperson in charge of this publication asked me to send her a PDF template of the format for the salesmen to use for their layouts (because nobody had a copy of them anymore), and I mentioned that I'd hoped we were changing it this time around, and that I did some reworks. She asked to see them, loved them, chose one, got it okayed by her superiors, and that's what we'll be using this time around! Huzzah! Another victory at work!

ITEM! The main reason posts were a bit later than usual is because I've been cooking away since I got home from work! Jessi's got a bake sale at her office on Friday, so I had to make something for that (No-Pudge Brownies, in case you're curious), and we're having a surprise birthday party potluck for my boss at my office (and since I know she doesn't read my blog, I don't have to worry about the surprise being spoiled), and so after the brownies were in the oven, I started working up a quadruple-batch of this low-calorie spinach dip recipie I've been wanting to try! Both the brownies and the dip are cooling now, which is why I have the time to make these posts.

ITEM! Received in the mail yesterday from BCI/Eclipse: Mission Magic, the Complete Series. I remember seeing this show as a kid... it featured an animated Rick Springfield (way before his 80s popularity), and was sort of a teenage predecessor to the Magic School Bus in many ways. Received in the mail today was a DVD of a very different kind: from Gold Cap Films, it's Fartman: Caught in A Tight *ss, which is that superhero parody movie I mentioned off-hand a few days ago. Once I get a chance to watch it, I'll tell you guys what I thought and provide you with a link to view it online.

ITEM! Went to the library today (even though I still have stuff I haven't finished reading from the previous trip or two) and got Red Dwarf V and Looney Tunes Golden COllection Vol. 4 on DVD, and a bunch of books: The Addams Chronicles, Science Fiction Movies, a bio of Gene Roddenberry, Movie Monsters, Dear Johnny (Johnny Carson's most hilarious fan mail), Movie Monsters and their Masters, Vintage Monster Movies, Science Fiction and Horror Movie Posters, Legendary Sci-Fi Movies, and Fangoria's book of the greatest horror movies you've never seen. Many of these (and you can probably guess which) are going to be fodder for future posts here!


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