Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Classic Collectible of the Day!

Yes, it's another Bewitched item!


Now, I'm going purely by memory here, but in the 1960s, Golden Books produced a whole line of books like these, hardback novels based on various TV shows of the day... I remember seeing an Annette book at a swap meet not too long ago... I guess they were bigger books for readers (presumably pre-teens) who had outgrown Big Little Books!

What's interesting to note about this cover (and isn't that a groovy image there?) is that it features the second Darrin, Dick Sargent. That would help to date when this came out (to be honest, I always preferred Dick York's Darrin).


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  1. Jon,
    From :

    1572 - Bewitched: The Opposite Uncle -- by William Johnston. Cover by Ben Otero. 1970, Whitman
    Hope this helps!


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