Saturday, May 12, 2007

Classic Collectible of the Day!


Yes, it's two different Bewitched costumes, both manufactured by Ben Cooper Costumes... and they illustrate something that's bugged me for a long time now.

Namely, that I'm amazed that Ben Cooper was so successful in the costume biz for so long! I mean... look at those... the mask aside, does it really look like wearing this, you'd be disguised as Samantha Stevens? It was rare, if ever, that a Ben Cooper costume would actually be designed to look like the character they were selling you. Heck, I remember the Batman costume said "Batman" in yellow letters over the bat-insignia, and that's just wrong!

Most of their costumes would have a drawing of the character, maybe with a logo, on the chest... and yet, as kids, we would eat them up (figuratively speaking, of course). And why was this?

Well, the obvious reason is that Ben Cooper was aggressive as hell when obtaining licenses... and apparently none of their licensing agreements indicated how the costume was supposed to look (more likely than not, the licensors didn't care, they just wanted their money).

Today's Halloween costumes (at least, from what I've seen) are much better designed... but you know, sometimes I do kind of feel a bit nostalgic for the Ben Cooper era, when the shelves would be piled with costumes of all kinds of characters (and there'd be a LOT of costumes for sale at Kmart and stores of their ilk).

Not that when Jessi and I have a child, we're planning on buying costumes for them each Halloween (well, unless the costume the child wants is beyond my means of creating for them).



  1. Milhouse: Check it out Lisa! I'm Radioactive Man!
    Lisa: I don't think the real Radioactive Man wears a plastic smock with a picture of himself on it!
    Milhouse: He would on Halloween!

  2. Good one, Scott! I should've know the Simpsons would've lampooned the Ben Cooper costumes by now!

    Meant to compliment you on this earlier, too!



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